Every Woman IS Beautiful

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Every woman is beautiful is the word that came out from the mouth of a woman when asked by her daughter.The daughter asked the mother Mummy what makes woman beautiful and make her attracted to a man that proposed her for marriage.

The mother now answered and said that every woman is beautiful and specially made by God since from the beginning God created men and women in his own image and all he created was beautiful and perfect says the mother.

Now what makes woman beautiful is not her beauty but all the hidden virtues and values that are not yet discovered but someone who looks beyond ordinary now sees and discovered all those virtues and recommends that the woman is beautiful

My daughter beauty are in the eyes of the beholder. And beauty is deceitful because it may fade away with time and season but what makes every woman beautiful is the  character and wisdom to manage matrimonial homes

When a woman is beautiful but lacks character and good home up bringing it is vanity upon vanity.

When a woman is beautiful but lacks  wisdom and understanding she is not beautiful but a disgrace to the husband.

When a woman is beautiful but she is not respectful and loyal to the husband she is worst not good for marriage.

When a woman is beautiful but cannot carry out home duties such as cooking,cleaning,tidying the homes and prepare the children for school but leave every thing to the husband to do she is not only beautiful brings dishonor to the family.

Now Who can find a virtuous and beautiful woman?Proverb 30 verse 10-12 says :Who can find a virtuos woman for her price is far above rubies, the heart of her husband doth safely trust in her so that he shall have no need of spoil.

She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.

Therefore my daughter every woman is beautiful but what makes her more beautiful is her good character,humility,respect for members of her family,meekness,gentleness,kindness,loyalty and above all wisdom to manage her homes when finally got married.

My daughter you are beautiful and wonderfully made by God ,therefore try as much as possible to make use of these values and virtues described in these article and you will be surprised that you will be the most beautiful woman every man would pray for to have as wife.

Let us look at this case study of a man who dated two women to choose one for marriage.

One is beautiful and have all the qualities of woman to regard as wife while the other one is not beautiful but fairly okay

The beautiful girl will come to the house and get sitted crossed her two legs and placed it on the table and asked the man to give her food and drinks without even asked the man how are you doing or have you eaten today and find out what the man needs in life but all her concern is food,drinks and money all the time and lavish away all what the man is working for in life,There is no respect,no humility,kindness among others.

Meanwhile the other girl who is not all that beautiful when she comes to the house,her first question is my dear how are you doing today?Have you eaten and taken your bath today?what about your clothes and house up keeps,can I wash them and cook for you before I go?please let me clean the house first because it is too dirty for my liking because stranger and visitor may come for visit and may not be comfortable with the state of the house.

She then picked up brooms and sweep and tidy up the house immediately and go to kitchen and prepare food for the hungry soul of her man thirsting and hungry for food.

My daughter now I want you to put your self in the position of this man and tell me whom will you choose for marriage among these two ladies?The beautiful one without good manners and character or the fairly girl with lots of virtues and values that render helps and needs to the man whenever the needs arise?

She said Mother as for me I will go for the fairly girl not all that beautiful but has all the qualities of a good wife.

Proverb 18 verse 16 said A mans gift makes room for him and bringeth him before great men.

The girls gift and virtues has made her to get her good husband and makes a blissful marriage.

Therefore my daughter go and practice all these good values and it shall be well with you and you shall have a good success in your marriage.Joshua 1 Verse 8 said  this book of the lord shall not depart from thy mouth, thou shall meditate therein day and night and thou shall do according to what is written therein and then thou shall make thy way prosperous and thou shall have a good success.

Meanwhile we advised our parents to please help to teach our daughters and son  some good values and virtues before getting married.

Let us teach them about how to cook,keeping home tidy,personal cleanliness and good hygiene,respect for elders,kindness,meekness,loyalty among others and lastly let us teach then the way of the lord for the steps of the righteous are ordered by God.

It is well with your soul and family



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