Styling Your Necklace

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Since ancient times been a lot of people who like to wear a necklace around her neck. Even in the era BC, several nations or tribes in the world wear a necklace for the purposes of a spiritual or magical. At certain moments they used the necklace to ward off evil spirits along with the reading of spells. But now the function necklaces jewelry or just to beautify one’s appearance alone. Especially for young people who like to look stylish by wearing a necklace hanging out.

Materials of this slang necklace usually mixed. But certainly, there is rarely made of gold jewelry, especially coupled with diamonds or other precious stones pearls. Because if made of gold material, precisely the value of “she’s coolest” reduced or absent altogether. Gold is not a suitable material to make a necklace that is usually used with the aim to create the impression of the familiar, comfortable and relaxing.

Former metal, natural stone, wood, animal skins or other materials used are usually preferred by makers necklace hanging to be used to make jewelry. So they are choosing cheap goods, even if you can without pay or free. In order to look beautiful, they rely on the creativity of making. Thus, the price of a necklace slang is usually determined by how to make it, be it in terms of design and color combination as well as the level of difficulty in the production process, not in its material.

Design cOOL Necklace

For the design problem, do not match the necklace hanging out with a necklace made of gold, because it is very different. Necklace design more freely and do not know the limits of creativity. As for gold jewelry will certainly be limited by the weight that must fit within the size of a gram. Should not be more or less. As this relates to the value of material prices and resale value to consumers.

Moreover, most consumers necklace slang is easy child who likes to freedom of expression. They certainly would prefer to choose items for jewelry in the body in accordance with the spirit and personality of this highly dynamic. If in a gold shop, there may be dozens of designs, but in an accessories shop that consumers young people and teenagers there are hundreds of designs can be combined with galung necklaces bracelets, earrings, and others.

Choosing Color and Design Cool Necklace

When going to the store to buy a necklace accessory slang, it must be ensured types of clothing that became our collection. The goal is of course to match the designs and colors that will be our choice. The easiest way to determine the color is, if the clothing we have is a bright color, then select only the dark-colored necklace. It’s okay to choose a bright color, but should be somewhat shiny. So when worn the necklace could be seen clearly. Vice versa if we are dark colored clothing. Select only brightly colored necklace.

As for design, adjust to our nature. If we include people who are quiet, avoid slang using necklace whose designs seem crowded. Rather than look pretty, but instead will look funny. So do not force yourself to wear something that is contrary to our nature.

Similarly, for people who have a cheerful nature, likes to joke, or even the always serious. Even better if we can show what it is. So that we can still be a child wear a necklace with slang slang that remain show who we really are.


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