Fleas And Your Dog

It is very common to find fleas on dogs and other pets.  They live off the dog’s blood.  Flea bites itch and the dog will scratch a lot trying to get some relief.  Fleas have been known to cause anemia in puppies and if the problem is not treated the puppy will get very weak and could die.

Watch your dog’s actions and check him often for the presence of fleas.  You can suspect your dog has fleas if he scratches all the time.  He will often try to find cold places to lie down on to try and get some relief from the itching.  If he has fleas he will be irritable.  If your dog has fleas he will have small red bites on his body.  Some dogs are allergic to flea bites and they will develop red bumps.  These symptoms do not always mean your dog has fleas.  Have your veterinarian check your dog to determine the cause of the symptoms.

Fleas are small and dark brown.  The can be seen moving and jumping.  Sometimes they are hard to see.  Flea eggs are white and resemble dander.

You must treat the fleas.  There are several products that will get rid of the adult fleas.  Some of the products that will kill the adult fleas will not kill the flea eggs and they will hatch and infest your dog again.  You will need to treat the flea eggs.  There are shampoos and powder that will kill the eggs.

You must also clean your house to get rid of the fleas that have jumped off your dog.  You must wash your dogs bedding to get rid of the eggs or the fleas will be back.  You must vacuum your carpets to pick up the eggs that have fallen off your dog.

You can apply a flea prevention treatment to your dog once a month to keep him from getting infected again. You can also put a flea collar on him.  If you have any doubts or questions consult your veterinarian.

Hartz has many products for flea control on your dog such as flea collars, flea powders, flea shampoo and flea sprays.  They also have flea powders and flea sprays to use on your carpets.  They have flea foggers for your home and flea spray for your yard.  All of these products are very good.  There are also organic products you can use.  Consult your veterinarian and he will be able to tell you which are the best products for your dog.

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