Powerful Diet Tips Without Worst Effect

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Ways to expel body fat or diet tips are always popping up with the latest innovations. For example, should consume lots of fruit but not as a snack. Drinking water in large quantities and avoid cold drinks or ice. Instead of helping the diet, even in ways that often leave you confused.

Currently undergoing slimming, it should not be overlooked is the health factor. Do not let the diet program that you’re doing instead is harmful to health. As a precaution, here are 7 tips and tricks from experts that dietary levels of safety have been tested.

1. Avoid Sugar Corn

According to research, high fructose corn syrup can increase significantly more weight than sugary drinks, even though both have the same caloric content. The difference was triggered by differences in the way the body when it processes the second sweetener.

Both are made of fructose and glucose. However, the two sugar components bind to each other so that extra measures are required for metabolism. In the high fructose corn syrup, glucose and fructose readily absorbed because they have been separated. No corn syrup in soda. Corn syrup found in breads, cereals, canned fruit, juice, and jam.

2. Do Addictions Food Sweet

Sweet foods are always tempting, especially chocolate and donuts. However, a study conducted on mice found that the type of junk food diet that has the same effect with the drug when it reaches the brain.

Bad taste after consuming these foods only temporary so that the dopamine receptors will send a signal to the brain to rule the body to increase the intake of carbohydrates.

3. Eat More Often

It sends a fatal mistake dieters is to resist the hunger is too long. In fact, the stomach is left empty for long hours will make a person needs a high energy intake and karohidrat. Because too hungry, dieters will eat anything without concern for the health food and portion.

A dietitian nutrition, Marissa Lippert, suggested that dieters manage your diet and snacking for the body used to the routine. Eat every 3-4 hours in small portions so that the blood sugar and energy remained stable.

4. Note the Breakfast Menu

Sempatkanalah breakfast even though you’re busy. Choose a menu that has a high content of protein at breakfast to the stomach feel full longer. Thus, your appetite will decrease.

5. Choose Foods with Low Glycemic Index

The ability of food to improve blood sugar levels is called the glycemic index. The faster rise in blood sugar levels, insulin levels in the body becomes unstable. This is what will spur diabetes and obesity.

Sweet foods, processed foods, and carbohydrates, have a high glycemic index than fiber foods. Therefore, choose a fiber foods because of a lower glycemic index.

6. Change the Atmosphere

A research states that one of the most successful diet tips is to change the atmosphere or environment. For example, hide the snack jar and replace with a smaller plate. A simple way is fairly powerful tool to help weight loss than someone who is changing the diet.

7. Enjoy Your Food

Surely you’ve heard that eating done slowly. Therefore, avoid the placement of televisions in the dining room or eating while phoning. This method is intended to make you able to enjoy and appreciate the food that has been presented in front of you.

Consider the texture, flavor, color, and freshness, the food was eaten. Thus, you will get tremendous satisfaction that more than fill the stomach.

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