History And Products Sony Ericsson

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When buying electronic equipment, consumers usually have a tendency to choose a brand that has existed since long. The older age of a brand, the better the views of consumers towards the brand. What about the brand of Sony Ericsson?

Although the Sony Ericsson brand, including new entrants, they have loyal customers who are ready to purchase their mobile phone products, especially when Sony Ericsson launched its new product.
The development of Sony Ericsson

How real are two big brands merge into a single brand which in turn also become a popular brand? Sony Ericsson is a joint venture between Sony Corporation and Ericsson which was founded in 2001.

Sony Ericsson’s office is based in London and they are specialized to produce accessories gadgets, mobile phones, portable music players, wireless systems, Wireless voice devices, and wireless data devices.

Sony Corporation is a Japanese electronics company that has been poor across with major brands around the world. On the other hand, is a telecommunications company Ericsson of Sweden. Instead of producing a cell phone each, they chose to join and produce mobile phones belonging together. Sony Ericsson created a name in the world electronic scene.
Important year Sony Ericsson

Here are the crucial years concerning the development of two large companies that merged into Sony Ericsson.

1985 – Lars Magnus Ericsson is a major figure behind the Ericsson company. Formerly, he was repairing telegraph equipment in Sweden. In the same year, Ericsson began making their own tools.

1958 – Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Company The name was officially changed to Sony.

1968 – Along with the rising popularity of Sony as one consumer electronics brand choice across the world, Sony began to open branches in Europe.

1987 – Ericsson to produce its first mobile phone for NMT network.

1992 – Ericsson spend more on cell phone models to meet consumer demand.

2000 – Ericsson decided to get chips for cell phone products from Philips company in Mexico. In March, a fire at the Philips plant makes uninterrupted production facilities. Philips told Ericsson that their production will only be delayed by several weeks.

When the production was delayed for months, Ericsson is experiencing serious problems. Ericsson which has dominated the mobile phone market and as the company’s third-largest mobile phone maker in the world suffered heavy losses. At that time, they consider to leave in the company’s production in Asia in order to be able to produce low-cost mobile phone. Company officials have been speculated to sell shares of Ericsson cellular phone line.

However, the company president said that the mobile phone business is Ericsson’s main business and they will not succeed if it does not have a cellular phone products. At that time, Sony is a player in the cellular phone business with a stake of less than 1% in 2000.

2001 – Sony Ericsson decides to join, and announced the Sony Ericsson brand. The new company has 3,500 employees.

2005 – Sony Ericsson to introduce mobile phone series with a 2 megapixel K750i and W800i, the first walkman series that can play music up to 30 hours. Both series are selling well in various parts of the world.

2007 – Sony Ericsson mobile phone released its first 5-megapixel camera, the K850i.

2009 – Sony Ericsson launches mobile phone with super 12 megapixel camera that is named Satio.

2011 – On October 27, Sony announced it would buy all shares in the company Ericsson Sony Ericsson mobile phone so that the company is later named Sony. Completion of the transaction is scheduled for completion in January 2012.

After joining Sony and Ericsson, the company officials agreed to update the image of their cell phone products. One way is to introduce changes to the Sony Ericsson logo with unique colors.

The marketing team wanted a new product they look stylish and different. Sony Ericsson logo featured as one of the most recognizable logos in the world and able to give characterizes the identity of its products.

Sony Ericsson logo shape resembles a shiny 3D ball. If observed, the ball is a combination between “S” and “E” which means that Sony and Ericsson. This logo marks the collaboration of two giants of the world. The logo of fresh green and silver. The combination of these colors give a unique contemporary feel.

In addition, a new logo successfully reflects the charisma and style that helps companies selling their products. The inscription on the Sony Ericsson logo itself seems trendy and modern and that nuance sci-fi.
Sony Ericsson Product

Sony Ericsson focuses on categories of music, camera, business (web and email), design, environmentally friendly, and efficient cell phone quality.

The six major product lines are:

• Series music phone called the Walkman Series or series W. First launched in 2005. Sony Ericsson W series is the first mobile phone series that specializes in music. The main features which can be seen in the overall model W series is the presence of the “W” which when pressed up media player.

Ads Sony Ericsson Walkman mobile phones in Europe first starring Christina Aguilera and Jason Kay. Walkman series are also produced for the Japanese market.

• Cyber-Shot series which was released in 2006 as a continuation of the series model K. Product line of Cyber-Shot series has always had a camera feature autofocus, flash, and xenon flash. Marketing Cyber-Shot using the tagline “Never Miss a Shot ‘. Cyber-Shot series has become Sony Ericsson’s flagship product.

Ads Cyber-Shot starring the famous female tennis player, Ana Ivanović and Daniela Hantuchova. On February 10, 2008, the Sony Ericsson through this series to get additional new members, namely the model C702, C902, and C905. Cyber-Shot series are also produced for the Japanese market.

• BRAVIA Series was launched in 2007 only for the Japanese market. To date, five series BRAVIA has been produced, ie FOMA SO903iTV, FOMA SO906i, U1, S004, and S005. Series BRAVIA is capable of capturing broadcast television.

• Series UIQ smartphone, namely the P series which was first represented by the P800 in 2003. This series uses a touch screen, QWERTY keypad and uses the Symbian OS platform with UIQ interface. Furthermore, the series from Sony Ericsson is coupled with the model of the M series and the series G.

• XPERIA series, first introduced in February 2008 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Spain. This series is made with high technology and targeting users who like gadgets. The first model, X1, using the Windows Mobile operating system with Sony Ericsson’s unique interface. Then, the Xperia X10 model equipped with the Android operating system. Furthermore, Sony decided to work with Google to use Android on their products further.

• GreenHeart series which was first introduced in 2009 and represented by models J1051 and C901 GreenHeart Naite. This series mengkhusukan on the theme of environmentally friendly, but still given the “brains” of the latest technology and multimedia capabilities. Sony Ericsson to make mobile phone by using economical materials and features environmental applications.

Sony Ericsson mobile phone has a special service called PlayNow. The users can access and download content on the service. For example to preview a song, then do a transaction to download the song in full.

Whatever your choice, be it a music phone, camera phone, or smartphone, there must be one of Sony Ericsson’s product model that suits your needs.


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