Progressive Food Slicers .

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Few interesting things about the Progressive food slicers. I bet many of you are using this and will agree to the advantages listed below.

Food slicers are used to chop/cut meat, bread, cheese etc. The different types of slicers are manual slicers and electric food slicers. Both are used in kitchens either at home or at restaurants. Its makes the job of cutting vegetables, fruits etc very easy and comfortable. The prices are also cheap and affordable.

Progressive Slicer is designed for use over a cutting surface or bowl. It is capable of making thick slice, thin slice, thick julienne and thin julienne. Cutting plates are stored conveniently underneath unit when not in use. It has comfort grip handle and finger guard. IT is safe to use in dishwasher.

Progressive food slicer has many cut styles, including some, like the waffle cut, which cannot be done with any other culinary tool. The vegetable/fruit receptacle and its pusher offer unparalleled safety, not only by securing the food but also by protecting fingers from the sharp blades. Its large capacity allows the user to cut more fruits and vegetables at a single time for faster results.

With Electric Food Slicer you can slice virtually any food which you can cut by hand. Using an electric slicer is quicker, less strenuous and more precise. Uniform slices are important in preparing many foods…cucumbers for pickles, apples and pears for pies, potatoes for home made potato chips and vegetables for the freezer. A slicer is the perfect companion for your kitchen.


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