How To Make A Guy Desire You – Here's How To Make Him Want You Badly!

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Do you want to make your boyfriend desire you badly? Would you like to have him pay more attention towards you? Do you want to make him swoon over you? If yes, you’re on the right page. You’re about to discover how to attract a guy and make him addicted to you. Making a guy obsessed with you is easy if you master one skill: Attraction.

Attraction is what makes a guy want to be with you. It draws him towards you. Most women do not understand what it really takes to create attraction in a guy. The things that attract a guy aren’t always the things that attract a woman. This is where your limited perceptions stop you from doing the things that trigger attraction in a man.

Here’s how to create attraction in a guy and make him desire you badly…

Understand a guy’s perspective – There are certain women who are naturals at attracting men and making men fall in love with them. The biggest skill they posses that makes them have an unfair advantage over other women is the fact that they can understand a guy’s perspective. Understanding a guy’s perspective is a skill that you can’t learn overnight. It takes time. But the rewards are high if you really invest the time to clearly understand his perspective.

It works not only with a guy. If you want to develop a good relationship with anyone, you have to understand his perspective first. You have to listen to them and find out what’s really important to them. Unless you know what’s important to them, you won’t be able to make them feel important. If you make a person feel IMPORTANT, they will give you their world and fall for you almost IMMEDIATELY.

Do not confess your feelings – When you’re getting your guy to talk and trying to find out what’s important to him, you might feel the urge to confess your feelings to him. But you should never do that. Confessing your feelings to him will make him lose the attraction he has for you. Continually meet other men and date him as a boyfriend. Just don’t let him know how you really feel about him.

When you’re cool that way and you spend time trying to understand his perspective always, you’ll find that he’ll try to spend more time with you. He’ll try to do a lot of things to please you. That’s when you’ll be really winning his heart. This is a place a lot of women screw up.

Be a challenge – When the guy starts paying attention to you and keeps trying to please you, don’t act the way he expects. Do not always say yes to what he asks. Learn to say no sometimes. Saying yes all the time will make him walkover you. You have to learn to say no.

Make him invest more resources into the relationship. Always maintain an attitude of coolness and emotional control. Do not criticize or complain to him. Accept him completely. Do not nag him. Nagging will only drive him away from you. Women tend to nag at this stage of the relationship and it screws them up completely. Instead of nagging him, appreciate and praise him. Soon, he’ll fall completely in love with you.


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