How to Take Care of Your Casual Sneakers From Sneaker Junkies

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After purchasing an amazing new pair of casual sneakers it’s no wonder that so many customers want to know how they can preserve the look and functionality of their shoe. The feeling of a brand new shoe is the best, so heaven forbid somebody steps on your foot and scuffs the new treads. Never mind the worst case scenario; stepping in mud!

When casual sneakers require a cleaning many customers are concerned that they do not know how to properly clean a shoe, while retaining its original fit and look. It’s surprisingly easy to get the shoe looking like its old self again and by following this simple, “do” and “don’t” list anyone can successfully polish up their pair of sneakers.

Shoe Cleaning 101: What to do and what not to do

Cleaning shoes can be a nerve wracking experience. One wrong move and the shoe could be ruined forever. Here are safe ways to get the shoe looking like new:

Cleaning do’s

1. Spot clean with a damp cloth or sponge and warm water. This is perfect for small scuffs and stains. It’s best not to risk the entire shoe’s wellbeing for small signs of use.

2. Wash the shoelaces. Sometimes the sneaker looks dirty because the laces have accumulated dirt and grime. Wash the shoelaces and hang them to dry, otherwise they might shrink and not fit through all of the eyelets anymore. If this makes a significant difference, then a full cleaning can be delayed.

3. The washing machine is a bit of a grey area. Wash shoes on a gentle cycle only if they are made from 100% man-made materials. Many people insist that washing shoes changes their shape, so this method of cleaning should only be undertaken if the shoe is in really, really bad shape. Always leave the shoes out to dry.

Cleaning don’ts

1. Do not submerge shoes in water that are made out of suede or leather. This will most definitely ruin the shoe by changing the color of the material and contorting the shape.

2. Do not put the shoe in the dryer. This could cause irreversible damages such as shrinking and warping.

3. Do not use cleaners other than water, unless the product is specifically designed to clean shoes made from the materials that it specifies.

Cleaning shoes doesn’t have to be any more stressful than the cause of the dirty shoe. The simplest and safest solution to shoe cleaning is not cleaning them at all. The build-up of use gives the sneakers character and like tattoos, or that decade old sweater, they tell a story of a person’s life and remind the owner of memories and events that they will not want to forget. Clean your sneakers only if they truly need it and follow these tips to ensure that they come out of the wash as the same beloved pair.

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