What Causes Acne? – Some Factors

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We all just want to have a smooth and young-looking skin, right? However, a number of people suffer with acne, and they want to know what causes acne. Although the causes of acne are unidentified, doctors recognize that there are factors linked to its causes. Here are some of the factors linked to what causes acne.


Androgens or male hormones that surge during puberty is said to have a major effect in acne breakouts. In addition, androgens aid the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum which may clog the pores of the skin, thus contributing to acne.

In women, the hormonal changes involved in menstruation and pregnancy may also flare up acne. Hormonal changes may cause excess sebum production which also clogs the pores of the skin causing breakouts.

Hormonal birth control pills are also factors in the causes of acne. The reason behind this is that hormonal contraceptives may alter the regular hormonal cycle of women which may contribute to having acne. The solution for this is to change from hormonal to non-hormonal contraceptives.

Stopping a hormonal treatment (such as testosterone) may also contribute to hormonal imbalance, and in turn be a reason of what causes acne.


Indeed, studies have shown that school aged children who have acne have family members who have had or are still having zits.


The environment contributes largely to acne breakouts. Those who are residing in tropical and humid countries may experience breakouts, as opposed to those living in cold countries.

Pollutants in the environment are also attributed to the causes of acne. Exposure to dirt, smoke, and pollens may clog the pores and irritate the skin causing acne.


There are a number of medications, which are said to aggravate acne. Some of these include Lithium for bipolar disorders, steroids used by athletes such as Bromides and Iodides. In addition, some anticonvulsant medications may also worsen acne.

Other Factors

Stress is one of the factors that contribute largely to having acne. The only solution for this is to practice relaxation techniques to be able to relief stress and reduce its effects in the body such as acne breakouts.

Another factor of what causes acne is skin irritants. These include oil-based cosmetics, as well as harsh handling of the skin. Prefer to use water-based cosmetics instead of oil-based cosmetics and clean the skin gently with a gentle cleanser. Moreover, avoid pinching acne to steer clear of infection which may worsen acne breakouts.

These are only some of the common factors that are linked to the causes of acne. There are other factors that may contribute and worsen acne. Remember to always take a good care of your skin and keep in mind the factors that may aggravate acne.


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