Adventures in Dating

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The oldest social activity is dating, where men and women get together and try to find the right person to eventually marry. It starts out in high school, but, nowadays, younger kids are getting into it. It starts out at school dances and parties, where kids try to get together and mix, after a certain age when they get over the “icky” factor of being with the opposite sex. For most people, it is a very nerve-racking experience, filled with tension and anxiety. But social people seem to enjoy the dating experience, even though they haven’t met the right person yet. Their trick is that they create a game plan, and have fun with the dating adventure. They learn to go with the flow to see where their social adventure will take them next. Here are some tips to ease your dating experience and make it fun for you as you search for the right mate.

No matter what you look like, always strive to look your best in the style that you are most comfortable in and you relate with the most. Be yourself and don’t change yourself to fit in anyone’s mold. There is someone out there who is perfect for everyone. You just haven’t met them yet. It is all about the right timing as well as going out and socializing.

Choosing a place to socialize at depends on your interests. Go to places that you love and enjoy because it is more likely that you will meet someone with similar interests there. Dress the part of where you are going to, whether dressy, trendy or casual, and just have fun enjoying your surroundings rather than thinking about dating or the other person.

Relax and be natural. Do yoga or meditate before you go on your date. Consider even working out in the gym for an hour before taking your shower and getting ready for your date.

Be friendly and open-minded. When meeting people, smile and act positive. Show some interest in the person you are chatting with by starting a light conversation. One way to do this is by an ice breaker.

Depending where you met the person, find something of interest, whether it is something the other person said, something the person is wearing, or something in the area that you are both at, and comment on it. One initial, short and positive comment can lead to an hour or two of a long conversation on the topic, and sometimes longer.

Find a common interest. For instance, ask the person what their hobbies and interests are. And, if you enjoy something the other person loves to do, talk more about that hobby to further compare each others’ background and experience on that subject of interest. This conversation can take hours, too. And, maybe, encourage a second date to continue the conversation at another time and another social locale. That is what you want to do. Keep dating the same person who you feel that you have clicked with and see how far you get in the relationship. If that person is the right person, it could lead to marriage, eventually.

If dating that person has been working out well and you have been dating that person for a while now, remember their birthdays as well as special holidays like Christmas or other religious holidays. Send them gifts and cards to show them that you care about them and remember them. Remark in the card about all the good times you shared together. It is similar to writing those yearbook autographs in high school. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive, unless you want it to be. But, rather, buy something that has meaning to the person. You know them really well by now, and you know what they really enjoy, whether some kind of collection, hobby, memorabilia, sport, or media icon.

Communication is very important in a relationship, no matter how far you are in the relationship. Always talk out your troubles calmly and rationally to work things out and come to some kind of agreement. If you just can’t seem to agree on anything or can’t communicate properly together or just can’t work things out no matter how hard you try, then it is time to move on to other people. Don’t force yourself to be with someone just because you are madly attracted to that person. If it is not meant to be, then it is not meant to be. Accept the reality and move on. If you force things to happen, then you will likely regret the outcome. You will be miserable with the wrong person for the rest of your life because you were just too blind to see the clues and signs. You might even do something tragic or drastic to the person, if the relationship doesn’t work out the way you would like it to.

Therefore, dating is meant to be a fun and social activity as you seek the right individual that you can live with for the rest of your life. The main purpose for dating is to find someone to mate with and raise a family together. But, in this eclectic society, filled with all kinds of individuals, finding the right person sometimes feels like you are searching for a needle in a haystack. Just have fun sorting out through the haystack, enjoy each experience even though some might not work out, and make it into an adventure of seeking the right mate.

Create your own game plan, such as how many people you can meet at the next party and get as much information about each one as possible. The more you meet people and the more you get to know each person, the closer you will be to meeting the right person that you have been waiting for all your life. And the long wait will make you appreciate them more. So, the objective of dating is socializing, meeting people and getting to know others.


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