How to Fight Corruption

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Corruption is like cancer in the society which is engulfing the complete system. It spreads a very negative image of the country and hampers its development. Right from the top to bottom, this element is destroying the entire fabric of the society. Everyday we come to read about the scandals of various clerks, officers and politicians getting charge sheeted for gulping huge amount of public money either by diverting government funds or by taking bribes. The black money kept in foreign banks belongs to such people.

The political system  certainly require some changes as these parties use money ,alcohol and muscle power to get votes and this money,  used in the election comes from the business houses which are latter favoured. Even the seats are sold during the elections. How can we rely on these representatives who come just to multiply their investments?

The nexus between politician-bureauocrats-businessmen-criminals is able to influence the law. They have been able to interpret the law for their own benefits. Previously politicians used to employ these strongmen and criminals to eliminate their rivals, but now these criminals have started getting elected. We all have seen their behavior and etiquette level inside and outside the parliament.

When, for simple Government fourth class employees, a mandatory minimum education and clean character certificate is required then, why are they spared? Similarly age of retirement should be as per prevailing government law. All the properties of tainted persons should be attached and should be used in community services. The politicians and their families should be barred from contesting the elections or changing the parties once convicted.

Why is law for the poor only? Why does law take so much time to give verdict?

Emperor Jehangir type of law is required in this country, as nobody is above the law.

These hypocrite politicians don’t want laws which make them answerable and that’s why they want investigation agencies to be kept under them so that they can use them against their opponents. They try to conceal the truth; video graphed narco test should be made compulsory for them also. After so many Scams and Scandals, people of nation deserve to know all. The other remedy could be providing an open single window type approval system with time boundation for controlling corruption.

Our Late Prime Minister Shri Lal Bhadur Shastri gave us the slogan of “Jai Jawan Jai kissan “without knowing that one day it will associate the name of our soldiers in scandals like Bofors pay off, Adarsh Housing and Coffin cases. The farmers had to dump their crops on the highways for not even getting their cost prices. There are so many cases of suicides as most of the time few farmers are able take all the declared Government benefits. The lands of farmers have been taken forcibly and are not given proper compensation.

Our most sacred animal, cow is not spared either. Its fodder is gulped down by the corrupt politician who then complaints in the parliament about the cow not milking. What an irony! Corruption is gnawing our nation for sure and then we complain that we are getting nothing from country.


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