2012 Predictions – What’s in It For The Year of The Water Dragon?

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A person with zodiac sign Leo is a fiery leader. This was the line that caught my attention from a booklet I skimmed through during my visit in National Bookstore. It sounds very interesting. Leo is my zodiac sign. 65 pesos wasn’t going to hurt my pocket so I thought of buying it. I carried it with me together with 2 other books as I strolled inside the bookstore. From another aisle I found another book which became the reason I dropped the horoscope booklet. Knowing about stuff like some predictions about the future is entertaining. It is sometimes very interesting to know the possible things that may happen to us in the future. It is like having a sneak peak of the Pendora’s Box that no one really knows what’s inside.

If someone knows what lies in the future then we would no longer have anything else to worry. It would appear like everything is set in place for us. That way life would be much less exciting. It would even be worse that the directed scenes in the movie. It would mean we do not have any other choice but to move like puppets. That would be very sad!

Recently I happened to watch a TV show that featured a fortune teller. The most interesting part of it was how the participants reacted with the predictions about their life in 2012. The fortune teller told one woman that she would have lots of trials in the coming year. With that, she began to worry. “What am going to do?” she exclaimed.  Another participant was told that he would have a very prosperous year. Both predictions could disrupt both participants if they allow themselves to be affected with it. Instead of making a living, the first participant would be very worried that all her endeavors could be disrupted. That way, she would surely have a hard time not because of the prediction but because of her reaction towards the prediction about her.

The other participant who received a good prediction might feel complacent of what he would do the entire year. He would think that everything he does is good.

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2012 Predictions – What’s in It for The Year of The Water Dragon?


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