How to Cope Up With Stress?

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I have a doctorate degree major in stress medication. I wish it was true. I would be discussing some scientific approach on coping up with stress. Unfortunately, I am not a doctor. I am just a Computer Engineering graduate and an undergraduate of AB Journalism. Despite of that I believe my own experience with stress gives me the right to talk about the subject matter because unfortunately stress is a persistent friend of mine.

One thing I find very stressful by the way is abrupt change. It could be a change in schedule, change of environment, change of career, change of boss, etc. I am sensing someone is nodding right now. That is why people tend to resist change. Change is very stressful. It doesn’t mean that we should not welcome change into our lives. It is the trend these days. If you can’t handle change, you will be left behind. With the fast moving, fast evolving and fast changing technology, everything also seems to change very quickly.

When I first met my relatives I haven’t met for more than 15 years, I felt like having nightmares. Every single cell of my brain seemed to battle against each other. I was more than overwhelmed of what was happening. Unlike with casual acquaintances, dealing with them is a very stressful. There are things about them that I just can’t simply ignore. By blood we are related but there are some things about them that seemed strange. It was their behavior that I wasn’t familiar with. It bothered me but I have to adjust with it. No matter what I do, I can’t escape from them. Coping with it however isn’t like giving a quick-fix medicine like Paracetamol. It was a slow process. Even until now when I meet them, I feel like a different person. So, I just gave myself sometime to accept those things about them.

In addition to that, let me just share some things I find very effective to shoo stress away.

1. Stop expecting from people. Expecting something from other people is very stressful. It easily makes one disappointed especially if the results do not meet your expectations. Expecting everyone to understand you or to give you what you wanted is also very tiring. You just have to accept that people come in different packages. Some people can easily get your point and some people can’t. And remember that you are not perfect either.

2. Avoid perfectionism. It is good to always aim to be excellent. Being excellent however doesn’t mean you also have to be flawless perfect in everything. Sometimes, flaws make you become better as a person.

3. Learn to hibernate. Life is not just about work. Just like the animals hibernating on a long winter, when you go back from a work-free vacation, you will see a different and better perspective about your job

I’m sure you have your own ways, too. I would be glad to hear that.

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