Tips on How to Earn Money Through Blogging

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The word money must have caught your attention to read this post. Don’t be defensive. That is normal. Everyone needs money. Everyone wants money! Good news for you, there is real money in blogging. It’s not a myth as it used to be. Just like anything else however, there is no easy money in blogging. You still have to work for it. The amount of money you get from blogging also depends on how much hard work you invested in it.

Before you get clouded with exciting dollars signs in your eyes, let me tell you in advance that blogging isn’t for everyone. Anyone can do it, good thing. Just like in stock market, in blogging many people have also tried but failed.

What is blogging by the way? A few years ago, any Microsoft Office applications didn’t recognize the word blogor blogging. As of this writing, it’s an accepted word but still I couldn’t find a dictionary-definition of this word. For me blogging means sharing. You can share anything through the internet, thus you can blog anything in the internet. Blogging includes sharing of photos, videos, opinions, news, recipes, entertainment and even games. These are some of the most common forms of blogging.

Before you consider this venture, ask yourself why do you want to blog? If it’s ONLY for money, then I would say you started with the wrong foot. Who am I to tell you what is right or wrong? Let’s just say, I am no one to tell you about it but I believe each one of us should share the responsibility of taking care of each other. There are dirty ways to blog. Those ways are way easier to scoop some money from the web compared to the conventional ways that I know of. If we allow ourselves to be with their flock, then the change that we want to see in the future is impossible.

Again why do you want to blog? You must have some hobbies that are worthy of sharing. You can write about it or have it pictured or recorded. Share it to the world through the internet. It would be better to start with what you are passionate of. If you enjoy what you do, it will transcend on the output of your blogs. The monetary compensation will just follow.

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Tips on how to Earn money through Blogging


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