Bringing In Yourself In Your Own Life

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You can find yourself sometimes giving importance to different people and you can begin to forget about your own life. This happens when you fall in love for the first time or when you have your own child. These people can become the center of your life and you tend to forget that you need to live as an individual too.

Many problems in this life take roots from here.

If you are able to place yourself in the same equation with them then life will be easier and better for you. When you do something for someone else, think first how it contributes to your own happiness. If you have a gift for them, take time to think how you will be smiling giving the gift to them. When you take your child to a better school, think of what it will do to your pride. If you take time to think about you, it shows that you give yourself importance too. You are not only thinking about others but you are also thinking about you.

The importance of doing something that you love and doing something that makes you feel better, you will feel like doing the same actions. If you have been happy to give a present to your husband or your wife then you will always think about giving the gift again. If you were happy when you took your child to an amusement park then you will also find yourself doing it once again.

This will also improve your relationship because you are giving the people you love the things that they need or they like. What you wanted to achieve is to be happy but by doing that, you will be making people around you happy too.

Relationships can lose the sparkle over sometime. The love you have for the people can diminish sometimes. When children outgrow you, the attachment you have with them will also wear down. Some of the romantic relationships are only good for some time. When you see this happening to your relationship then you may never get bothered about the small things that you are doing to keep this relationship alive.

However, the relationship that cannot dwindle is the relationship that you have with yourself. You wish to see yourself happy every day. Since you know that you will be happy when you give things to others then you will end up doing it again. This also will ensure that the flame is still burning in your relationship.

Here you will be the only one to know about the secret you have, you are getting the joy from what you do for them.

If this makes you happy then your life will be worth living and optimal. 


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