Are You Living An Optimal Life Today?

Think about your life. Are you scared of waking up each day when you go to sleep? Or you are able to go to sleep totally relaxed with a smile on your face and wishing to see the following day?

This can be an indicator of how you can rate your life on the optimal scale. The few minutes that someone spends on the bed before sleeping are the moments when you are able to assess your own life. It is the time when you can think about how far you have come and where you are heading. If these few minutes can allow you to enter into a careless slumber then you should be happy about your life. However if they make you turn and toss in your bed reaching for the jug of water many times then you have to do something about your life.

Having an optimal life cannot be assessed basing yourself on the money you have but it is about how content you feel about your own life. Even if you may have less money but you can meet all your needs,  you can say that you are doing well already. Dissatisfaction is the only thing that makes you feel depressed, it does not really matter if you earn less or more.

Take time to answer the following questions:

Do you feel content with your own life today?

Are you happy with how you are treated by the members of your family?

Do you think that you have good friends?

Do you feel insecure about your future and the money?

Are you happy with your job?

Are you satisfied with your sex life?

If you have answered some of the above questions in an affirmative way then your life is close on being optimal. However, there are some other areas that you still have to work on. If you are able to identify such areas, it is time to begin to work on them right now so that your life will be more optimal that it already is.

Every day, keep in mind that your life should never control you but you are the one who has to control your life. If you do this, you will live a happier life and you will be more content in the direction your life will be taking. 

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