The Purpose And Meaning Of Your Life

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You have to figure out why you live. There is a reason why you exist.

You may think that you have everything you want, good food, nice house, loving family, a good job and reliable friends. But you can still feel some nagging emptiness in your life. Depression clouds can be troubling your life every day. You can begin to wonder what is going on in life and what is missing.

One of the most successful Gurus, Stephen R Covey completed the picture in this way:

There are things that are fundamental for the fulfillment of human life. An essence of this need is found in the phrase – to love, to learn, to live and to leave a legacy. The need to live is behind the physical need like food, shelter, clothing, health and economical well being. The need of love is the social need of relating to others, a need to belong, to be loved and to love. The need of learning is the mental need of growing and developing. The need of leaving a legacy is the spiritual need of having purpose, meaning, contribution to life and personal congruence.

The first three needs of learning, loving and living are the qualities that are shared by all animals on earth. However, the fourth quality is a special for human. Only a human being needs to do something better in his life, something that they can use to leave a legacy. Only a man is able to ask himself what he is doing on earth. He is the only one to ask himself why he is living and how he wants to be remembered after he dies.

The best advantages that you will get when you work towards your legacy in a conscious way include the feeling that you have a purpose in life and your life will have a meaning. This will uplift your feeling and all your depression because low esteem will go away. Your thoughts and deeds will encourage you as you work to achieve something tangible each day. Get rid of your Prozac and begin to work towards your legacy.


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