Some More Tips For Leaving A Legacy

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The following are more things that you can start to do right now if you want to leave your legacy.

The Taj Mahal was built by Emperor Shahjehan. The Galsnost reform was left behind by Mikhail Gorbachev. Great Balls of Fire is a legacy left by Jerry Lee Lewis. Therefore, think about the triumph that you will leave behind. Relax, you do not have to leave an important legacy like the Statue of Liberty. Here are just 5 ways to help you with leaving behind your legacy.

      Begin a foundation; give your assets and resources to begin a foundation that benefits the cause of the needy. In your will, include some funds for any of the nonprofit organizations you want.

      Get Viral. You can record a video or a song using only your cell phone camera and you can upload it on YouTube. You could be simply expressing your view but it can resonate with the views of other people out there. Before you even get to know what is happening, your upload can begin to have millions of viewers and you can be enshrined on the cyberspace halls of fame.

      Make lemonade. This should not be taken literally. If you get a lemon from fate, you have to stand up and make some lemonade with it. Each adversity you pass through is already an opportunity that can help you to create your legacy. For example, your locality may have been struck by a typhoon, be a volunteer with the emergency services. Christopher Reeves is known as the Superman who campaigned for good research even when he was moving about in a wheelchair.

      Help your family. Each family will be bound by some burdens from old attitudes and old feuds. Get to know all members of your family and draw your family tree. Get resolutions for any difference in your family and bring each one together for Thanksgiving. Every one right upto the great grandchildren will always remember you for such a unifying act and it will be your legacy.

      Give something special as a gift. This can be something simple. In place of buying knick knacks from malls, you can look for something different to give for the new season. You can think about a tree to plant in the garden, a photo book that has your memories, paying for a course for them to study something new. They will always remember you as their friend who brought something unique in their lives. 


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