How To Leave A Legacy

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Few people think about leaving legacies, those who do, think only about the large picture and it can even be bigger than the person’s life itself. The question is how to leave a legacy that other people will peruse and follow.

Do you feel small whenever you think about leaving a legacy? You can think that it is not yours since you are not Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln or even Mother Theresa. You have to think again. Take time to think about some other people than these acclaimed icons. Think of someone who is around you such as a relative, friend, a priest or someone in the office. Think of any person who is or who was a part of your life.

What can you think about immediately, was he a good person to others? Did she/he develop something that benefited all of you? Was he/she a fighter against any injustice in your system so that people could rule better. Can you remember that your manager was a kind and fair boss who was respected and loved by others? Do you think sometimes that your uncle was the one to lead the fight against the wrecking of Old Art Deco Cinema on your home street and to get it registered a heritage property? Do you think about how your mother made incredible apple pies talked about by everyone in your family and neighbors? This can be a result of having to share the recipe with the neighbors and teaching them until they are able to perfect the art of making their own Apple Pie.

All the above are legacies and whenever someone is able to imprint his deeds in the mind and hearts of people who are around him, it is already a legacy. Now think about yourself. What do people think about you now? Is it good, bad or sad? Sometimes you never even think about it. You can find that some people around you do not even recall who you are.

This can make you feel smaller than you were thinking. However, you already know what it means about leaving a legacy and how even a humble person is able to leave a legacy. Therefore, get into the game and begin with it. Amazing but simple things you do now can help you to leave the legacy you want.


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