Sample of 1st Verbal Warning For Excessive Absenteeism

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 Giving Verbal Warnings for excessive absenteeism is a tricky business. To protect the company, all warnings must be recorded with written documentation. For a first warning, the documentation does not go to the Human Resources Department, but stays with the employee and their immediate supervisor. The supervisor must keep a record of all counseling sessions with any problem employee.


To:        Employee

CC:       Supervisor/Manager

From:    Line Supervisor

Date:     August 13, 2008

Re:        Attendance Policy

Statement of Office Work Schedule

The work schedule in the XYZ office is a set schedule of Monday through Friday, eight hours per day with a one-hour unpaid meal break and two paid fifteen minute rest periods daily. All full-time XYZ employees are expected to work a 40 hour work week.

Disgruntled employee, your assigned work schedule is Monday through Friday, 7 AM until 4 PM. Your lunch break is scheduled to take place between 12 PM and 1 PM.

Since July 18th, 2008 you have been absent or late a total of 33 plus hours, or the equivalents of 4 days work, in a 5 week period. This is unacceptable.

 As a XYZ employee, you are expected to be at work at 7 AM as scheduled and work the hours you are scheduled. If you are unable to be at work by 7 AM due to personal reasons, such as funerals, jury duty, medical appointments for you or your child, court appointments, car repairs, etc, you must inform me of the appointment when you first set the appointment and absolutely no later than a minimum of 24 hours in advance. This required advance notice is to allow for the re-assignment of your job duties, such as answering telephone calls, can be covered by another staff member, with minimal disruption to their work schedules.

If the event of illness or sudden injury, you or a family member must notify our office immediately at (office phone number) in accordance with XYZ departmental procedures.

Failure to improve your attendance/tardy record (you must work a minimum of 144 hours per month, taking no more than 8 hours personal time in any one month period) or the violation of any other XYZ employee standard, could result in you receiving a written reprimand or more stringent sanctions per XYZ policies and procedures.

A copy of this memo will be retained in your XYZ personal performance file until further notice.



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