Going Viral With Your Legacy

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It is common knowledge that when you want to leave a legacy that will last long, you have to write a bestseller book or maybe compose any hit song or build a remarkable structure. Earlier, developing such work would take a long time. It would take too long to write a book, a song, poem or a film’s script and then wait for it to spread in the world so that it could get the recognition that you were looking for.

However, today, there is no one who will wait long to sell a million copies so that he can get the recognition he wants. This is the era of the internet, digital video and YouTube. You have a large resource by only using your fingertips with Bing, Wikipedia and Google. Gifted people like Olav Per Kindgren with young personalities such as Fred Figglehorn or Natalie Tyler Tran from the Community Channel have thousands of people who like to watch their videos and music.

Today anything you have that it is entertaining and you want to give it to people, you can make a video and get it to spread across the globe in a matter of a few hours or maybe even minutes!

Think of it this way, you shoot your video using a cell phone; you edit it using software found online and you upload it on YouTube. It will begin with your friends and friends of your friends and then to the people you do not even know. Now you have already created your own legacy using Cyberspace. Even if you are using a virtual space to create your legacy, the video will be watched by real people and you can inspire them. Therefore, the legacy becomes real at the same time life- impacting.

You can ask yourself how you are able to compete using YouTube where there are already millions of people who upload videos each day. The secret behind the unique video that you will upload is you. You are not the same like the billions in the world. What you have to say and what you do is different from what these other people do. Just think about what you can do better and begin to think about how you can shoot that special video today. Grab a camera and begin shooting yourself doing something special. After uploading it, you will have to sit back and just watch your legacy going viral. 


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