Getting Your Message To People

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In Switzerland, a simple person called Serge Roetheli started a run at an age of 47 to cover the world during the year 2000. He covered 37 countries in all the 6 continents. In England, Rosie Swale-Pope made a run of 20,000 miles when she was 57 years old. Paul Staso, an endurance athlete and a founder of PACE Fitness Foundation said that more than 200 hundred People run across the United States. Some run solo.

What makes people think of running around their countries and sometimes the world?  In the movie, Forrest Gump, the main character that has been played by Tom Hanks got up one morning and began to run across the country. He traversed the USA for five whole years.

When he was asked why he was running, Gump said that he just felt like running. There is always something that makes people feel like they have to leave behind all their mediocre lives and that they have to run free. With that free life, they will be able to create a new legacy.

There was an English teacher, Brian Stark who ran across the country said that when he was running he thought that he may wither after thousand miles but he only got stronger after each mile!

There are a number od people who have combined their running with a message to spread whenever they were traveling or whenever they were running. Therefore you can run to raise funds for researches like cancer or just run for peace.  If you have physical limitations and you cannot run or walk then you can drive or just travel around. You can hold meetings or you can talk to people to spread your message.

It is popular to find people with placards on their bikes in India. Even if it may seem humble and a simple act, it can touch people’s heart and it can bring about a change. The simple man with his bike is already creating his legacy! You can also build your legacy by doing simple actions which leave an impression on people.

It is not difficult when you want to do it!


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