Get Time On Your Side

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Rev Billy Graham (a great motivational speaker) said that the legacy someone leaves behind is not about the possession he is able to leave behind but the quality of life he lived. The worst waste in life that is hard to be reclaimed or even recycled is the wastage of the time that God gave us every day.

Another anonymous sage said that it is a beginning for a new day. The day has been given to you to be used as you wish. You can choose to use it for something good or you can waste it. What you choose to do now is important. You are exchanging one day from life against it. When tomorrow is here, it means that this day has already gone for good. In its place the only thing that it is left is what you have done in that day. Therefore, make sure that it is something good you have done.

You may be too concerned when you go shopping since you want to get value for your money. Think if you are getting value for life. Do you spend most of your time only watching the idiot box? Are your days passing pointlessly, are you able to recall what you have done in the past three days?

If you are not then you have to know that you are wasting the precious resources that life has given you. Time is the best building block for your legacy. One day you may have a lot of money with many people working under you but you can run out of time. There is nowhere that you can borrow this time and no one is able to lend you time.

Therefore, the best time that you can work on your legacy is right now.

Stand up from the couch and begin to do something that will be left after you. You can write some prose, you can visit a neighbor, you can even send a letter to the local paper about something that is of concern for you or the community. You can teach local children to play the saxophone; you can organize a cleanup for your community. You can think about a better drinking straw, you can even shoot a video and upload it on YouTube.

You are your own boss and you are the one to call the shots. Each day you have to make sure that you get the share of the rewards of your own life. Make a note that from now you will take charge of your own time.


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