Don’t Stop At Planting Just One Seed

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It is the seed that you plant today that will ultimately bear the fruit you desire.

In America, during the 18th Century, there was a man known as Johnny Appleseed who went all around the land and he was planting apple seeds all over. Reaching to the end of his journey, he treaded back the same path and tended to the little trees that he had already planted. There are still nurseries with trees that stand as a legacy of John Chapman. He pioneered nurseries in America and came to be known as the legend Johnny Appleseed.

Johnny Appleseed left around an estate of more 1200 acres of nurseries that was worth millions in that time and it is worth more now. The Johnny Appleseed Elementary school has been built in Massachusetts in a place known as Leominster, where he was born.

You can practice this lesson too and you can begin to plant seeds or trees in your state and in your neighborhood. You will be making your environment richer by this action and the community will also benefit from it. When you plant an acorn today, maybe you will not live until it grows up into a giant oak tree. However, your descendants and other people who will take shelter under the tree will always thank you and this will become your legacy.

You can also turn this lesson into its metaphorical view and you can start planting seeds of education found in your mind into the minds of young people around you. Help young people to learn what you do best. It can be a moral lesson, a technical skill or even life skills. You will have to nurture these seeds by following up on the seeds regularly and encouraging your students to reach their maximum potential in turn. Cut the wayward branches and fertilize the roots with more advice.

Every person who has achieved something in life has had a mentor who inspired him or who educated him towards his career and life. You can turn to be such a mentor in the life of young people.

In the future, you can be remembered as Guitar Greg, Timothy Oaktree, Football Fred or Vanessa Vineyard.


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