Begin Working On That Legacy Today!

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Beatles together with Elvis Persley have many hit songs and Bob Dylan is adding something new to his already large legacy. Think of what your legacy is going to be. Here are 5 things that you can do to begin to work on your legacy today.

      Begin to write a book. You do not have to think about competing with Stephen King, Stephen Covey or the other Stephens you may know. You can just write about your viewpoint or just about your experiences in life. You can write a non-fiction novel or just about your expertise. If you are not yet an expert at anything, it is time to go to the internet and begin to browse so that you can get information and ideas that will help you to fill the whole book. All you have to do is to add a twist to the text.

      You can also build a house. You already have prepared to build a house so let it be unique in the entire neighborhood, it can also be unique in your country or even in the world. You should not settle only for the humdrum designs from architecture. You can make your own ideas, you can use only green materials that will help you stand out and you can leave your architectural ideas as your legacy. What you have to do is to think outside of the masonry box.

      Leave your legacy by teaching your children. Crosby Still and Nash sung a song that says that you have to teach the children, you have to feed them on the dreams you had. They may pick one. You can invite the children in the neighborhood and you can teach them something like baseball or a new skill for nothing. The children will never forget about you and you could even be mentoring the next Willie Mays Babe Ruth without knowing it!

      Develop something. You can invent a simple thing such as a paper clip or even something larger such as the Hadron Collider. Put your heart into the problem; let your subconscious give you the solution. Apply for a patent and even if it is just a simple invention, you should always ‘Post it’.

      You can also get a message and you can travel the world with it. You can choose an issue regardless if it is large or small and you can put some money on it and you are ready to get it on the trail. Explain that issue to different people and challenge them to reform. The media will give you the much needed coverage and you will be heard. It will be the beginning of meeting many people and you will be able to see new places. This reform will turn out to be the legacy that you will leave. 


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