Be Famous As A Grandparent

The right way to start is to do all the small things.

You have just celebrated your sixtieth birthday but you already feel as if you are rotten like hell. Why? It is because you have just realized that you will leave nothing tangible and valuable behind. Everybody knows that you were a husband, a son and a father but do you think about the legendary stories that are already told about people. Is there someone who will talk about you with pride about something that you have done? What are you doing about the legacy?

You can think that you are already old and that there is nothing you can do now. But it is never too late. You already are a grandfather; this is already an asset in itself.

Did you notice that most of your friends talk about their grandparents? Not something like their grandfather or their grandmother built the statue of liberty, but they talk about some simple things that they were doing.

They can talk about the fishing trip they took with their grandparents and how it was the best time they had. They can also talk about how their grandmother collected cloth scraps from a tailor to stitch trousers for them when they were going through financial problems.

Do you spend quality time with your own children or grandchildren? Do you take them to an adventure or do you give them good advice? Do you do things and activities with them that they may talk about? Here is a tribute to a grandfather by a daughter.

“He loved each person who was here and those he had never met.

He was a man of kindness and patience no one is able to forget.

My boys liked him dearly with a peck and a bushel.

And they could never have left without getting a hug around his neck.

Mynda Res

You already have a large repertoire of experience in your life and you can share it with your own grandchildren. You may impart your life skills and work skills to your grandchildren even if it is just a little every day. They can learn from the mistakes you made and they can get inspired because of your successes. Some day they will sit down and repeat what you used to tell them. This is the time you will be aware that you have already left a legacy and that you are the famous grandparent!

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