Runescape Woodcutting Guide

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Alright so here is a guide that tells you runescape players how to get 99 woodcutting.

                                               Lvls 1-15

Alright so your just starting out with woodcutting now here are your equitment options bronze hatchet or an iron hatchet now i suggest you use a iron hatchet even though it may cost you a few extra gp but its worth it because with the iron hatchet you you cut logs about 0.5 seconds faster then with the bronze hatchet so its xp or gp and with this you get all the gp from an iron hatchet back anyways. Now for this level cut nomal logs from any tree around runescape cut these until level 15. At level 6 i recommend buying a steel hatchet.

                                              Lvls 15-30

Congratulations you can now cut oak logs and i suggest that you also buy a steel hatchet if you haven’t already bought one. For these levels we will be cutting oak logs from oak trees across the road from the varrock bank closest to the grand exchange which reminds me before you move on to this part you should sell all those logs you got from the first part of the guide. At level 21 I suggest buying a mithril hatchet.

                                         Lvls 30-60 or 30-99

Congratulations you are now on one of the longest and tedious parts of your woodcutting career. Now for this part of the guide i suggest you buy a mithril hatchet if you don’t have one already. Now for this part of the guide we will be chopping willow trees into willow logs. Now for axes you should buy an adamant axe at level 31 and a rune axe at level 41 and if you are member and are going to cut these all the way to 99 you should buy a dragon axe at level 61.

                                        Lvls 45-60 (members)

Congratulationsmembers you can now cut maple logs. for this section of the guide you will not be buying any axes only making pure profit as these logs are are the number 1 firemaking log for f2p and member so they well always sell. Now for this part you should have a rune axe and you cut them where ever the best place is i am not member so I am just adding this part as I hear that maples can be the fastest xp an hour for members with a woodcutting bug.

                                               Lvls 60-80 members lvls 60-99 f2p

Alright for this part we are entering what some say me as one the most profitable part of your woodcutting career as you are making a whopping 12k gp every inventory. Some of you may say NO way that’s impossible but i know from personal experiencethat you make that amount of cash per inventory and now your wondering what log or tree this is this tree is the yew tree!!!!!!! Now for members before you start cutting these logs you might want to try to get like 2 million gp or a friend who is willing to lend you a dragon hatchet for a price or free because in one level you get the ability to cut logs with a dragon woodcutting axe. Cut these till around level 80 for members and for the rest of your woodcutting career as f2p.

                                           lvls 80-99 members

Members for these levels you are going to be going through your most tedious part of your woodcutting career which are magic logs they may sell for 1k each but it takes around half an hour to cut an invent of these logs but if you want to or you think you must cut these logs myself i think that these are a waste so I’m adding them for the reason that you can cut them.


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