Stimulate Your Mind With Fresh Experiences

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Coming to a standstill is not difficult.

Keep pushing yourself deeper into the safety of your comfort zone. But if you need to alter your life for the better, you need to step out of that comforting zone. This is where you will find all the new and exciting experiences. This is where you will find freedom from the monotonous.

Here are some ideas to help you out of that comfort zone. Some of these are ways to make it easier. Some are ways you may have blanked out earlier.

Face your fears – but in small steps

This is the most benefiting way to work on your fears and come out of your comfort zone. Usually, we hold ourselves back due to a dread. When you break it down into small steps, you stretch out your comfort zone gradually, making it less fearful and uncomfortable for you to step out.

For instance, if you face social anxiety, you will not be able to ask somebody out on a date right away. You are fearful of being declined and the fact that others may think less of you if you get declined.

Now, you can take smaller steps. Begin by just extending a greeting to the person, so a ‘hello’ will do. You could also talk talking to more people online through IM or various forums. As the next step, get into conversations at school or work.

In a way, you gradually de-sensitize your social spots or anything else that fills you with dread. This could be more motivating when you view it as building up courage and stretching out your comfort zone in this particular area of life (or any other area of your life).

So, to begin with recognize your fears and then plan out small steps to reduce your discomfort.

Attempt to do something weird

Something new or fresh takes your right out of your comfort zone. But an even more exciting option is to try something weird. When you choose something new, you may still pick something that falls in line with your personality. This restricts your experiences. Go out there and pick something that is not anything that goes with your personality. This could be something that you never believed you would do or those around you are surprised with.

Make a new friend

This brings to you new feelings, experiences and interests. This does not only concern meeting new people the normal way. Pick up a biography about somebody you do not know. Begin reading books from an author you have never read. Read about something online. Add a RSS feed from something you never saw before.

Get an acquaintance with you

Mostly, it is much easier to not be in it alone. This holds true for a number of things including when you trying to make that huge emotional jump out of your comfort zone. In fact, this is the most popular way of getting out of your comfort zone. When you are going to a party where you do not know many people, it is easier to have an acquaintance with you. If you have decided to hit the gym, it will be easier to continue going there each week if you had a gym partner.

There could also be disadvantages to bringing an acquaintance. If you are at a party with one, it is highly unlikely that you will meet and get to know new people. At a gym, the two of you may be more inclined to talk and not focus on a good workout.

Be prepared

When in your comfort zone, most of the protection you get could be from imagined threats and dangers. Maybe things are not really as scary as you think they are? Research a bit. You could get rid of a lot of fears and nerves when you get more information.

Use a bit of Google. Go through blogs and books. Ask somebody who has been in the same situation. Listening to other people and reading can help you with knowing what others did, heard, saw and felt offering you some great tips.

Hang on to positive memories

Always acknowledge that it could be more fun to step out of your comfort zone than what your mind is telling you. Think of all the times you have stepped out before. Remember all the positive times when you took a leap. Remember how it was not scary but fun and exciting for you.

Mostly, we habitually playback all the negative experiences over and over in our minds before we do something. In the process, we forget about all the favorable experiences and positive achievements. Avoid this trap and remind yourself of all the positive memories to flow through your mind making it easy for you.

Use other methods to pep yourself

Other than remembering the positive things, there are so many other things you can do in order to pump your spirit for the time being. Here are some tips you can utilize:

v  Use motivational and uplifting music

v  Use your body to feel good. When you move in a positive and energized manner, you will begin feeling positive and unrestrained.

v  Use your imagination by closing your eyes and imagining how everything will be great. Imagine how excited and fantastic you will feel. This is better than thinking how badly everything will turn out!

v  Use guided meditation for a good boost for some days.

v  Breathing may not pump you up but it will surely help calm you down right away.


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