Sample of 3RD Memo of Verbal Warning for Excessive Absenteeism

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Here is a sample of Memo for a Disgruntled Employee counseling meeting for 3rd instance of excessive absenteeism. Meeting with an employee to discuss the problem was the first step. As no improvements were made, a 3rd written memo or documentation was required. Check with your Human Resource Department for policies recommended by your corporation. Generally, after a 3rd verbal warning (the 1st and 2nd verbal warning memos are ususally kept by the disgruntled employee and their immediate supervisor), the matter becomes a “Written Warning” and the doucmentation then goes to Human Resources for further evaluation. 


To:        Disgruntled Employee

CC:       Supervisor

From:    Line Supervisor

Date:      February 4, 2009

Re:        Excessive Absenteeism

On August 13, 2008 you were given a first verbal warning for missing 33 hours in a 5 week period from July 15 thru August 12th, 2008. You were counseled again on January 14, 2009 for missing an additional 123.0 hours from October 1, 2008 thru January 13, 2009.

At the second counseling session in January, 2009, a second verbal warning was given where you were informed that, Employee must … only take time off if she has time accrued. If she continues to take time off in excess of her accrued time, the next instance of where she must take a sick day without pay will result in her third and final verbal warning for excessive absenteeism.”

By taking personal time for January 30, 2009 and again 5 days later on February 5, 2009, you have taken more than 8 hours personal time off in excess of your accrued time. Your latest absences of January 23rd, January 25th and February 3, 2009, an additional 19 hours, bring your total hour’s absences to 175 hours or 21.5 days in this seven month period from July 15th to today. This far exceeds the 13 days provided by the Company for personal time off. This is unacceptable.

This is your third verbal warning regarding excessive absenteeism. Failure to improve your attendance record (you must work a minimum of 144 hours per month, taking no more than 8 hours personal time in any one month period) or the violation of any other Company standard, will result in you receiving a written reprimand to be placed in your personnel file or more stringent sanctions per Company policies and procedures.

A copy of this memo will be retained in your personal performance file until further notice.

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