The Boy who lives

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“July 2007” can be called as the Potter month with a Potter movie and the final edition of the Potter book being released. The movie turned out to be nothing but disappointment for most of the Harry Potter fans( People who read the book, I think, will agree with me.). Then came “the Deathly hallows” with sky rocketing expectations. “The half blood prince” had set a very good platform and uncountable speculations as to whats going to happen in the final edition of the Harry Potter series. The book starts with the Dark Lord ascending to power terrorizing the wizarding and the muggle community alike. The boy who lived has a mission entrusted by Dumbledore, that of finding and destroying the Horcruxes, thereby putting a halt to the Dark Lord’s rule. So what can you expect if when the Dark Lord raises to power? Deaths of course… This book has the maximum number of characters loosing their lives facing the Dark Lord’s wrath. Ron and Hermoine as usual accompany Mr. Potter in his mission. They have no clue as to where the Horcruxes are hidden and what they were going to face. They are left with a golden snitch, the deluminator and a children’s book which Dumbledore had left them. Their miseries are increased when a book by Rita Skeeter bring into light some unbelievable facts about Dumbeldore. With Dark Lord hot on their trail and virtually no help the story moves on find answers to innumerbale questions which were left unanswered in “The Half Blood Prince”. Who is RAB? Is Snape a traitor or whether he killing Dumbledore was “For a greater good”? The life and lies of Albus Dumbledore.What are the “Deathly Hallows”? The romance involved. Is Dumbledore really dead? Is Harry one of the Horcrux? And the most vital “will the boy who lived survive”? To best way to know answer for these question is to read the book or eh wait for the movie( I hope justice is done atleast to this version of Harry Potter.) The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is unmistakably the best book of the Harry Potter series( It may tend to get emotional some times and you may feel that you are watching a Indian movie…. But you never get bored). “All was well” is the final sentence of the book. Hope you have a good read.


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