How to Sell Carbon Offsets

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Big businesses often produce a lot of carbon waste due to either direct manufacturing from factories or from energy use from many offices and buildings. Many of these large companies may be unable or unwilling to reduce their carbon emissions and often face penalties for failing to do so. However a loophole allows them to reduce their emissions on paper while contributing to lowering emissions elsewhere. This is good for everyone involved in selling carbon credits.

Basically smaller businesses such as solar power businesses, farms, logger companies, and companies that produce low or no emissions can sell off credits to the bigger companies. In essence the reduced or no emission companies make up for the big companies’ output of carbon. It’s a win-win situation since it gives money to smaller companies who actively try to stay green and further reduce emissions offsetting the emissions of larger companies.

If you are a small business owner you can contact the CCX or Chicago Climate Exchange directly to see if you are eligible to sell carbon offset credits at the following contact information:

Contact information for the CCX: 
190 South LaSalle Street, Suite 1100 
Chicago, Illinois 60603 USA 
Tel: +01 (312) 554-3350 
Fax: +01 (312) 554-3373 
General Inquiries: info(at)

Once approved you’ll be able to access a member’s only area where you can track how many credits you have at a given time and their current value. The CCX operates like a stock market for carbon offset credits. You’ll be able to execute trades of credits to large companies on the exchange looking to offset their high emissions. The CCX maintains its own electronic trading service to do this.

 As a small business owner you’ll be able to help your own business and the environment at the same time. If you’re passionate about lowering your own impact on the environment, the CCX carbon offset program can be a great option. You’ll be helping the environment as well.

A word of warning should be noted. Audits do occur. You’ll want to keep close track of how many credits you are eligible to sell, paperwork of all purchases and sales, and any profits obtained through the program.


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