Effective Traffic – Do You Know The Secrets?

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Do you want to know the real secrets for getting effective sources of traffic? Read on…..
What i hope to highlight is a system that has been proven to produce results with devasting effects and or course lots of SALES!!!

So how can we determine what is good traffic and what is not? There are many different factors that effect wether or not traffic is useful, let’s investigate…

Traffic Quality

This is a good starting point when looking at your potential visits, you want the place where you advertise the traffic to be of good quality…for example, google adwords is much better than a traffic exchange. The buying power of the people visiting your website will depend of where those visitors have seen your ad!

More people will search google and see the paid ads on the right, then look through exchanges for hours.

Normal Traffic

You see it all the time right, buy 10,000 hits for $49 and your traffic will explode. These are fake bot visitors and certainly not REAL visitors. Your website will also get a lower rank for having “spammy” bots sent to it.

The Price

What is a good price to pay for traffic? Well you need to determine if it is going to make you some ROI (return on investment). It is no good spending $1000 and only making $500 back….you want each hit to be a potential buyer. I think the best form of paid traffic is PPC, but even with this you have to learn how to effectively get hits and use your money wisely.

Targeted Traffic

You need targeted traffic to your website, you need to provide them with what they have been looking for. Relevant traffic is the key to wether or not you are successful, if the traffic is targeted…then it’s already thinking of purchasing something. The key to advertising is knowing where and how to promote…don’t fall for this “1000 leads for $10” crap, invest in something that works.

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