There Are Many Types of Fleas

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There are thousands of different types of fleas.  There are five types that are very common. 

Cat fleas are the most common type in America.  Cat fleas live on cats, dogs and other pets.  They are found on humans and in our homes.

Chicken fleas are another type and they live with chickens.  They will get on humans if they get around infected chickens.  Humans will become a temporary host.  They are small and black.  There are rat fleas and they will infect your pet rat or mouse.  They will also infect people.

There are Oriental rat fleas.  These fleas were responsible for the plague.  These fleas are common in American in towns and cities located along the coast and rivers.  They live on rats, raccoons, opossums and other animals.

There are human fleas.  They infest hairy areas like your head and under arms.  Human fleas are not very common anymore because of better hygiene and cleaning habits.

Sand fleas are usually found in the sand.  They will bite you when you go to the beach.  Sand fleas do not look like other fleas.  They feed on organic and dying plants.  They like seaweed that washes up on the each.  These fleas can be found anywhere there is sand.

If your pet is scratching it is a good sign it has fleas.  Check near your pet’s tail.  You may not find a flea but you probably will find flea dirt.

Flea dirt is excrement from the flea.  It will be black specks that resemble grains of sand.  It is made up of blood and if you wet the specks there will be a reddish brown staining.

You can also put your pet on a white paper or towel and comb or brush him and you will see the black specks.  If this happens you must treat your pet to get rid of the fleas.  There are many treatments available.  You will also have to treat your home because if your pet has fleas you home has fleas.

Fleas can be hard to get rid of.  You must treat your pet, home and everything in it such as carpets, upholstered furniture, bedding, your dog’s bed and anywhere he lays.  If your pet goes outside you must also treat the yard.  Products to treat your pet and home are very different.  Be sure to use the correct one.  You may want to get your veterinarian’s advice on what product to use on your pet.

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