The Best Exercise For 6 Pack Abs

I bet you immediately think of crunches and sit ups when someone asks you about the best exercise for 6 pack abs. That is what almost everyone that I talk to comes up with because that is what we hear. More crunches and sit ups do not equal less fat though. The funny thing is most of the “experts” telling you to do more sit ups do not have great abs themselves.

Where I Started

Two years ago I realized that I was getting fat, so I made up my mind to get a six pack. I had let myself go a little bit after college and it had been a while since I had seen my belt, if you know what I mean. Like anyone else, I started doing tons of sit ups, crunches, leg raises and any other ab exercise that I could find on YouTube. I could definitely feel my core getting stronger, but it seemed like my stomach was actually getting bigger. After all of that effort, it felt like six pack abs were farther away, not closer.

What I Found

While I was searching for the best exercise for 6 pack abs, I started learning about six pack exercises and why they don’t work. I found that I could do sit ups and crunches forever and never see any results for all of the hard work. I found out that I needed most was to burn the fat covering my ab muscles. And the so called, “six pack workout” that I was doing did not help me with that at all. While I did burn a few calories, I was not getting the metabolic response that I needed to burn fat. I needed to eat right (nutrition is the most important aspect of getting a six pack), and do full body exercises that would burn the fat and work my ab muscles plenty in the process.

The key to success is to work your whole body and not simply doing the best exercise for a 6 pack. Believe me, if I can get my lazy self into shape, you can too.

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