Child Upbringing

Children are God’s gift to a family. They are not parents’ possession but God’s. They are responsibilities given to parents from God and are expected to be trained in God’s way. Every parent just like a care taker should know that God will hold them responsible should the children turnout to be irresponsible.

Children are to be nurtured with every resources both available to the parents. The child should be fed properly three times a day. Make sure that their needs are attended to. To avoid looking for where they will satisfy there needs. Thereby exposing themselves to different kinds of danger.

The best friend of a child should be the parents.  Parents should bring their children very close to them, discuss issues with them and make them develop confidence to discuss any issue at all with them.  Clarification should be given in every area needed. It is always dangerous, if children prefer to discuss their problems and challenges to their friends rather than parents. As that will cause them many mistakes in life because of the age of friends that advise them. It will also cause them to be secretive towards their parents. Thereby playing good children at home while they are very bad in nature.

Parents should educate their children at home. The first education the child gets in his life comes from the parents before they even start school. As they grow, they experience changes that need the parents to teach them how to handle such changes. Especially the female during the menstruation. The mother should be able to guide her on how to take care of herself. Beyond that, the mother should take note of timing of the period. So as to know exactly when it will come. Also the male and the female child together should be given sex education at home first before they learn from any other person.

The parents should teach the children of God and his love for mankind. Let them know what God wants from them as children. Read it for them, let them also read it. Always remember them in their activities what have been taught to them. Teach them how to pray and guide them practically into it. They believe in what you say more when they see it as your life style.

Children should be cautioned when they do wrong. If required, once in a while punish them for the wrong. Encourage them when they do right and give them gifts to show that you appreciate it when they do what is right. Let them know you are not happy with them when they do wrong. Some times if not all the time let them make promise to you not to repeat that bad act. 

Parents should always pray for their children. In fact, the training of a child begins with prayers even before they are born. Every child cannot posses the same attitude or character. Your need to pray for directions on how to take care of each of them. Do not compare them to each other as that will give them the impression that you love others more than them. Make sure you display equal love for all your children. Do not give up on any one of them. Pray when you know that your strategies cannot help you.

Show children respect because they deserve it. Do not always nag at them as that will push them away from you.  Children like attention. No matter how tired you are, listen to them when they want to talk to you. Even if you cannot do anything at that time. If you push your child out to outsiders, not even prayer can save easily from the damage that will cause. Especially at their puberty age, let them be independent, make decisions and make mistakes.

Parents should teach their children how to do domestic chores. From the age the child can hear and respond, the child should be taught things that can be done at that age. They should know what should be done as they wake up from sleep. They should learn how to wash the plates and clothes, clean the house, cook food etc. the best way to teach a child is to do it and ask the child to repeat after you. If you train a child the way he should go, when he is independent, he will not depart from it.  

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