Believe In Your Intelligence

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Any kind of IQ work like learning something new, accepting a fresh project or solving a problem; or an execution of the academic nature depends heavily on your assurance in self and own cognitive powers. In order to be intelligent, you need to have trust in your ability to resolve issues, taking any required decisions and achieving goals well.

Nothing is wrong with being the smartest person in the room. It may surely be garish to show off your intelligence, you can remain self confident without actually having to put down others too. Whether you have emotional substance, are street smart or have a good connect with mathematics, you must always be humble even as you use your intelligence well.

Affirmations are a great way of reminding yourself that you possess the intelligence required to pass a test or complete a job at hand. You can use stick-it notes where you can see them. Go ahead and keep a diary that allows you to congratulate yourself for all the smart moves you make.

Raise your hand to answer questions at a meeting or in a class. Bring in new ideas and themes when in a meeting. Start new discussions that make others think. If you are emotionally secure, you will never be averse to showcasing your intellect.

Take some tests to confirm you are intelligent. If it is available, you can take an IQ test. A counselor can administer one for you. When you see your score on the test, it will be easier to embrace your intelligence and validate the image you have of self.

Get in the company of other individuals who are as levelheaded as you. When you hang out with other smart people at work or in your class, you do not have to continuously dumb down your own vocabulary. Your thought process always remains challenged when in the company of like minded people who have the same social, emotional and tangible quotient as you.

Studies add to your intelligence, feed your brain well. You can further your maturity and learning with new books, social groups and projects. Your intelligence could depend on genetics but you need to be challenged for maturation. As you continue to accept bigger challenges and learn new things, you will add real pride to your intelligence.

Do you remember the last time you told yourself ‘I am fantastic’? Do you remember the last time you rewarded yourself for your intelligence, competence, beauty or potency? Most of us are quick to bring ourselves down when we do something ‘stupid’ but usually overlook all the amazing qualities we possess! Why is it so?

It is actually quite advantageous to acknowledge yourself. It adds to your self worth and eliminates the negative thoughts about self. How about telling yourself that you are ‘able’ even when you err? Tell yourself you are smart even when you are in a bad mood. You could be wrong at times but you are still smart and capable cause those qualities define you most of the times. You must notice and acknowledge yourself!

Take a blank paper and write down some positive things that define you. You will be amazed! Your first entry can be ‘I am amazing’ and then go ahead to savor each day, hour and minute of your life!


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