My Little Village on Top of The Hills

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Papa who are these people with big cars ? .  My little  boy of four years asked me in his usual inquisitive way .I  tried hard to ignore him but  he kept thuging  at my trouser.   Daddy, i am asking you ?, this boys of nowadays i thought aloud.They are politicans i answered,sorry?  he asked, Junior i said politicians. Okay, he shouted excitededly po-looticians.  I was about  to correct him but on a second thought ,i believed he must be more correct than me .Remove the looting from politics ,it could  be just another  white collar job.  However , my son shouldn’t  know that . I was not ready for his next statement ,Daddy ,what is it again , i queried? .When i grow up ,i would like to   be a po-lootician

Not far from my house i started hearing clapping and ululating by women . What could they  be clapping for i thought silently .Leaving my son  behind , i  went closer.  Standing on a poduim was a  short  fat man ,with a balding head that shone like a mirrow in the hot African sun ,with a potruding stomach that could  shame any nine months pregnant woman .He was blowing a lot of grammer that  got me confused .Infact i  couldnot  understand  what he was blabbing about .Even the villagers could not understand but the sound of the – isms and -dum sounding words trigggered their clapping .     After all, their   money was not spent in vain :   my mother narrated  how they paid through their nose to send the politician  to London for  studies many years ago.

After straining my ears i was able to understand that  they  have discoverd a new oil deposit  in  my village. The po-lootician  continued his speech .I  will electrify your farms and water your gardens ,another round of applause followed . We shall dismantle all your dilapidated edifices  and construct  modern ones . Apart from  that ,every body in this village will be salaried ,he continued .I was almost lured to sleep by  his tales by moonlight . Before the  ignorant villagers  brand me  an enemy of progress ,i had  to beat a  retreat back to my house.This incident happened   ten years ago

A decade  later, when i went back to the same village . Instead of electrifed and watered gardens ,all i saw was our farms filled with black sludge from oil spillage .All the fishes in  our rivers  mudered.The worst part ,our river ,our only source of water has been turned into a foul smelling swamp.The roads were  worse  because they  were not built for  heavy trucks used by the companies.

Standing  not far from all this mess,like a lone ranger  was a white marble  one story twin duplex.  Fenced  completely with high walls that could make a prison  look like a park .So big that you could be forgiven if you believed it was a stadium.The  garden looked so green and lush completely detached from the squalor around it .   I  wouldn’t forget to add the olympic sized  swimming pool that   looked abandoned.  Nevertheless , it  still looked clean and well maintained . Infact , i will not  begrudge the politcian for that ,he sure has taste.The whole building was electrified complete with a helipad ,where  his helicopter lands .   It was then it dawned on me that  Mr  po-lootician has indeed kept his promises ;in his compound .The joy of the villagers has been turned to anguish :   My little village will never be the same again.


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