Maintaining Youthful Part. 2

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In practical terms, guidelines for foods he recommends
Young are:
1. Reduce consumption of red meat and increase fish consumption.
2. If you need extra protein, is best to eat nuts.
3. Eating fiber foods are fiber content reaches 40-50 grams a day.
4. Every day should consume 1-3 servings of vegetables from the cabbage family like broccoli,
brussel sprouts, cabbage or
5. Drink 2-4 glasses of green vegetable juice every day. It’s good juice is added to
a little ginger and
extract of aloe vera.
6. Drinking water and fruit juice at least 2-3 litar every day.
7. Consuming caffeinated drinks to a minimum such as coffee and tea, drinks
containing soda, sugar
white and processed foods made from flour mills.
8. Using healthy fats such as olive oil.
9. Consuming a variety of anti-aging supplements and herbs such as vitamin B complex,
folic acid, vitamin E,
vitamin C, garlic, evening primrose oil, gingko biloba, and others.
Basically you have to consume all kinds of nutrients your body needs. If
want to know whether your body is the lack of one or more nutrients you
can perform laboratory tests.
If you are not used to exercising, start from now. According to Miriam E, Nelson
Ph.D., author of Strong Women Stay Young who is researching the influence of sport and
nutrition on bone woman at Tufts University School of Nutrition, American. women generally
begin to shrink bone density and muscle about 40 years. Part of
is due to lack of exercise. Bones and muscles are not trained to do easy
experiencing shrinkage.
Once the bone and muscle aging, women are usually less active than
before. Yet with proper and regular exercise, a process that will occur precisely
conversely, bone density and muscle actually gain little by little. So that the body
can appear 15 to 20 years younger. Emotionally, people usually also be
more happy, energetic and confident. Other benefits include improving the balance
and flexibility of the body, prevent osteoporosis as well as slimming and toning
the body.

Regarding the type of exercise that is recommended, according to him is not enough aerobic exercise such as
walking and running, biking, or swimming alone, but should also do gymnastics
by using weights.
Learn to relax, because based on research conducted in the UK, anxiety
can make the face appear in a matter of months age. But by learning to relax and
manage stress well, the face can look young again. Stress also makes the face
seems strained. Therefore, managing stress properly will make your face
appear to be more calm and peaceful. By itself you will look younger and more
Interesting. Therefore learn techniques that can make you relax such as tai chi,
meditation, yoga, or try tekuni activities which indeed is your hobby
such as gardening, painting, playing music, or other.
Keeping positive thoughts:
Positive thinking will increase your energy and bring positive things
in life. While thoughts and negative affirmations tend exhausting and
potentially cause failure. It also makes you more quickly and not older
Interesting. Therefore, you also need to frequently perform mental detox. practice
rid yourself of the thoughts or negative emotions with meditation or
techniques are suitable for you.
Health check-up:
Like a car, the human body also requires attention and good care for each
people can continue to work properly. Even if you feel healthy at this time, examination
regular health remain to be done. That way, if a time
diseases arise, although still in its early symptoms, so it can be directly detected
handling is also faster and easier. In addition, for example there are weaknesses
hidden inside one of the organs, will also be much faster
is known. So in that way, you can predict the likelihood of disease that would


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