Turning Web Traffic Into Profitable Followers

Most online publishers, just put their content out there, they then get visitors from the search engines and other sources. People come to their site, read the content and then leave the site. Either by clicking on an ad or just by leaving. The publisher makes a small income from the ad clicks. This is a lazy and not a very profitable method.

If you, however gain the visitor as a follower, you can reach out to them every time you publish a new post. If you keep writing great content you can build up a few thousand followers, over time. That means every time you publish something it gets read thousands of times, right away. In addition your followers will have more trust in you than they do in other site. That makes it easier to review products and make affiliate sales to your followers. Online marketers call this “the money is in the list”.

To help you understand how this is done I would like you to look at Hubpages. It is a legit revenue sharing site, with thousands of publishers and millions of articles.

Here is a video that will introduce you to Hubpages:


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The 3 best ways to get followers is through Twitter, Facebook and direct email. It is optimal to have a follower on all 3. That way if they stop using one, you can still contact them through the other 2. So if someone follows you on one, invite them to follow you on all 3. Hubpages makes use of all 3 methods. If you browse around, including the writer’s profile page, you will see how they use it.

Facebook and Twitter is free to use, emails can cost you, depending on how you do it. On a site like Hubpages they automatically send emails to your followers, every time you publish a Hub.

What I like to do is to say something like: “I hope you found this article useful. If you would like to read my work in future, why not follow me on Twitter”. I get the best results by putting the link right into the text block. I also ask people to follow me in the text part of my profile page on revenue sharing sites like Hubpages.

All 3 methods can also be used to virally market your content. You can get readers to share your article with their Twitter followers, Facebook friends or email contact list. The people who receive the recommendation can then pass it on to their friends and so on.

I focus my content on 3 main niches. It doesn’t help to try and get readers from one niche to read content from another niche. They simply don’t click through or worse may the reader may stop being your follower.

In short, the key to online publishing success is to make the most out of every bit of traffic you get.

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