Runaway Fathers Syndrome, Who Takes The Blame

Runaway fathers are fathers that abscond as soon as  the wife is delivered . Others wait for some years before they take to  their heels. There are some others who makes a move as soon as they discover the bulging stomach of their woman.The consequences of this action are legion . Most times children are subjected to poor living conditions. Especially where the woman is not financially capable of the responsibility. Cases have been reported where some young girls have abandoned their children because situations has become unbearable.This is worse if  there is no family support.The number of women who line up for maintainance pay out increases every month .This has made me delve into the  issue and i have discovered some of the causes of runaway fathers syndrome.Some of the causes include.

Immaturity of the men

Most men who take to their heels  have not reached the age of maturity. Some of them are at most children in a teenage relationship gone wrong .As soon as the young father weighs up the sudden responsibility stacked on his shoulder he shows a clean pair of heels like an average heel.There are others who are not prepared to be called fathers because they are at most children themselves.This leaves the young woman  to shoulder all the burden

.Afraid of commitment

There are men who prefer to be in a relationship without comitting to it.Whenever anything goes wrong, the man would blame  anybody but himself. Sometimes ,they feel  being trapped with the baby or pregnancy.This could make them abscond. However, some of them leave the act of preventing pregnacy on the door steps of the woman alone . They forget to  also  play there  own part untill when both of them are ready.

Use of diabolic means

This may sound bizarre and uncivilized in this present times but it is the reality. Some women make use of diabolic means to divert  the mind and interest of the man from his family .It makes  him focus  his attention on the new family while showing his own family his back. Many are going to ask how do i know that . Dont worry until  your husband or boyfriend messes with the wrong woman then the question would probabaly answer itself.How else do you explain a man who leaves behind a family of three children only to go and bunk with another woman with five children.

Favorable situation

The situation where a man flees ala  joseph in  potipher’s house favours some women. There are women who doesn’t want any man to breath down their  neck. Most of them would do anything in their powers to make the  man leave.Moreover, a situation where maintainace have to be paid makes some women believe that it will be more profitable to cash in on maintainance and still maintain her freedom. One publication  once reported a woman who collected maintainance from three different men for the same baby.

Unofficial relationships

Lastly another reason while men abscond is because the relationship is  not legal or official. If  two adults make up there mind to live  together without the  blessings of both familes. Whenever there is a little strain in the relationship ,the man could easily move. You know what they say ,easy come easy go

This situation has escalated to an  alarming proportion because of harsh economic crises in most places. Be that as it might , the child is always the loser for it . I believe whenever a man wants to take to his heels ,he should consider the children. Would it be wrong  to say that children excell  better  in the presence of both parents?. I  dont  think so.

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