Beautiful San Marino

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San Marino is considered the world’s oldest republic, which was established in the year 301 by a Christian architect, Saint Marinus. When he fled from a persecutor of Christians – Roman Emperor Diocletian, he hid on the top of Monte Titano (the highest of the seven hills of San Marino) and founded a small Christian community. The owner of the land, Ms. Rimini enrolled her in his will the Christian community. It is certain that the surroundings have been inhabited since prehistoric times, although traces of his stay on Monte Titano only dates back to medieval times. In memory of a stonemason, a land called the “Land of San Marino”, to finally change it to a name that has to this day: “The Republic of San Marino.”


(photo by kriskb 2011)

The main income of San Marino is tourism, and the famous sale of stamps and coins. Annually, this small country of 3.2 million visits to people. Other key sectors of the economy alongside tourism is a banking, textiles, electronics, and ceramics. In the past, residents of traditional state activities were agriculture and sheep farming and now focuses on corn, grapes and orchards, as well as cattle and pigs.

Location of San Marino on the hill is simply amazing, I already saw the city from afar – even from the windows of the coach, is breathtaking.


(photo by kriskb 2011)

Tourists not only appreciate the beautiful views and historic architecture of the city, but also the values ​​of “shopping”. Well, the Republic of San Marino is just great free zone where you can buy very cheap designer perfumes such as alcohols and. We particularly recommend to try the local production of alcohol – wine, amaretto, grappa lemonciello and San Marino.

The town survived the ruins of buildings, many medieval houses, squares and fortifications. Castle was surrounded by defensive walls with numerous gates and towers. Above the castle, the three vertices of Mount Titano castles built defensive walls combined. There are also three forts from the eleventh to the nineteenth century, and several historic churches (including the Basilica of San Marino from the nineteenth century, the church of St. Francis from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century, St. Peter of the sixteenth century). Among the palaces of San Marino are the most valuable Valloni of the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, and del Governo of the nineteenth century big attraction of the city of San Marino is the Numismatic Museum.

San Marino is a very frequently visited by tourists, who are resting in the resort of Rimini.Easy access and opportunity to go  for cheap and attractive shopping, attracts thousands of tourists.San Marino, due to its geographic location, is also the first step of all trips to Italy, departing from the central Europe.Every day, at least a dozen buses arrives in San Marino, to admire the amazing sights.Although the Republic does not belong to Italy, but it is their kind of gate.


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