Laos – Untouched Gem And Picturesque Country Of Southeast Asia

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Laos is perfect destinations for travelers who like to go to a place before it has “discovered” by others. Until 1988 it was fully closed but now Laos is slowly and steadily beginning to attain status as an ecotourism destination, with its many rivers that cross the country and its unspoiled national parks. It offers a exclusive prospect for hiking and canoeing, one with nature. The landscape is profoundly wooded with jagged mountains and waterfalls. It has a tropical monsoon climate the visit time to is from December to April.

Laos south-east Asian country is bordered in the north by Burma and China, East by Vietnam, South by Cambodia and the West by Thailand. This neighboring countries c culture reflection can be seen a lot in Laos. The country was known as the kingdom of Lan Xang, which means “Land of a Million Elephants”, which portrays exactly their individuality removed, natural from 14 to 18 centuries.

Infrastructure in Laos is old, there is no train, and most of the villages are linked by poor roads. Roosters strut, children play and mobile phones have not yet been introduced to the rural of the country, but this is what makes Laos a perfect place to visit and relax. To visit Laos is to step back in time and appreciate life without the stress of the 21st century. While the capital, Vientiane, is more developed when compare to other parts of the country, but the country capital has so far avoided major modern developments and traditional and colonial architecture still prevalent?

Regardless of its previous development, or perhaps for that reason, Laos has two World Heritage Sites: like Wat Phu. Luang Prabang travel in Laos cans an exclusive one, the city is well known for its number of Buddhist temples and monasteries. The Plain of Jars is also worth a visit as it is scenery littered with hundreds of stone jars, some up to 6 tons. It is a place that raises more questions than answers. Those who endeavor further than the main tourist route will find dazzling countryside, friendly people and glimpses of a lifestyle of rural people, which most people can barely remember. The flavor of the ancient imperial court can be experienced in the temple full of Luang Prabang in the northern mountainous area. It was the old royal capital of Laos and the center of Buddhism now over 600 saffron-robed monks live in the magnificent pagodas here thirty. The pièce de résistance is the 16 th century Wat Xieng Thong, the Golden Temple City.

That even the mayor of Angkor Wat in Cambodia is the extensive Wat Phu. Built between the ages 6 and 14, some buildings remain intact, but contain some of the best Khmer art in Southeast Asia. Up the steps of the great ninth-century temple dedicated to Hindu god Shiva and see the magnificent scenery below, with regard to Vietnam and Cambodia on a clear day. Below is the mighty Mekong River, one of the wonders of Laos to be explored, perhaps cruise aboard a barge, restored, many visits from the sites most important historical Laos.

Whether you want to join an organized tour with a guide or a set of independent, Laos tours  can be memorable for you as the country still a virgin for she is yet to be discovered. It offers some unique experiences – for those brave enough to go out into the unknown.

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