Essential Components of Fitness

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There are 3 essential components of fitness. These 3 things are very essential in case you want to achieve a very good body. These 3 components are mentioned below:

  • 1) Food
  • 2) Exercise
  • 3) Sleep

All the 3 components go hand in hand and one without the other is incomplete. You will not be able to compromise on any one of these and still be able to achieve your desired body. Trust me you cannot, because that is how our body is designed and that is how our body is supposed to respond.

If you workout and do not take adequate food then you do not give your body enough raw materials to get the desired body. Food is like raw materials to the body. Similarly if you do not take adequate sleep after working out then you are not allowing your body to recover from the workout which can further hamper the body instead of working in your favor.

Each of these things is extremely important and they compliment each other.  Food, exercise and Sleep required for a longer and healthy disease free life. The more you are health conscious and the more early you start taking care of your health it is better for you.

An adult should take at least 6 hours of sleep daily and this sleep should be uninterrupted. It is better to have 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep than having 8 hours of interrupted sleep. Similarly it is essential to have the right kind of food depending upon the desired body you want to achieve.


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