Noting The Importance of Heartbeats Before Exercise

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When sports are usually most people would be more worried about the amount of calories burned. And pay attention to heart rate before exercise far is quite important. Because by observing the heart rate before exercise can optimize the exercise undertaken.

Before worrying about the number of calories burned, heart rate you should consider first. Sports are in accordance with the heart rate for each person age allows people to build a strong foundation for the body fit and healthy heart.

“The purpose of the sport for almost every person is to get the stage where the body is fit enough to exercise in heart rate training zone,” said Dr.. Adrian Hutber of the American College of Sports Medicine as quoted by HealthNews, Tuesday (01/10/2012).

Heart rate training zone or target heart rate, based on maximum heart rate (MHR), which is roughly valued at around 220 minus age.

“Heart rate is a very good indicator,” said Dr.. Hutber.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) target heart rate is normal:

   1. For moderate-intensity physical activity with a person’s target heart rate should be 50-70 percent of MHR.
2. Strong gymnastics should aim to get about 70-85 percent.
3. A woman 62 years have high levels of target heart rate zone is estimated to 111-134 beats per minute.
4. While a 18-year-old has about 141-172.

The body requires at least 150 hours of moderate physical activity per week to be healthy. Heart rate is the most precise and easy to track the level of intensity.

“Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET), is used to measure energy consumption, VO2, and measuring the absorption of oxygen. But for most people it is easier to determine the percentage of maximum heart rate,” said Dr.. Hutber.

Measuring Heart Rate

Meanwhile, according, SpKO, FACSM (K) in an interview with detikHealth earlier said a safe way is to measure the pulse maximum (DNM).

DNM is the maximum pulse rate is calculated based on the formulation of DNM = 220 – Age, then multiplied by the intensity of 60-70 percent fat burning DNM.

DR Suhantoro exemplifies people aged 40 years when he was exercising the DNM is 220-40 = 180. Then the number 180 multiplied by 60 percent for mild and 70 percent limit for the upper limit of the result is 108-126 per minute.

By knowing the pulse, then 40-year-old man who had to stop for a moment from the sport when his pulse has exceeded 126 per minute. If there is still forced to cramp the heart that makes a heart attack.

To calculate your heart rate can be a way to calculate the pulse near the hand or a more practical use of existing clock heartbeat.

“Once again, note the condition of the heart rate during exercise should not exceed the maximum limit that can harm the heart,” recalls Dr. Suhantoro.

If it is felt beyond the dose while running in futsal for example, just give the balls to others who are still strong. One more at rest drink water with a temperature of 15-16 degrees or drinks manisdengan sugar levels from 2.5 to 5 percent.

“Drinks that are too cold it will be difficult diabsorb body because the body temperature after moderate exercise in hot conditions,” explains Dr. Suhantoro.


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