Los Cabos A Perfect Holiday Destination In Mexico

When you are in Mexico, you will never have to worry about accommodation, because there are numerous hotels in the country Grupo Mayan. People who work in hotels and resorts Mayan Group is friendly and highly qualified. Here are the places that dare not miss while in Los Cabos:

 Beaches:- Beach lovers will find this place a paradise. There are about 20 different beaches here, each character other than your own. The main beaches in the area: El Medano, which is the most famous beach in Los Cabos, Palmilla, which is perfect for swimming, Costa Azul, which is a paradise for surfers, El Chileno, which is best for the families, Santa Maria, which is a delight snorkeler, and Lover’s beach, which is the ideal place for romance.

Land’s End Arch. This is the end of the earth only true in the world. The waters of the Sea of ​​Cortez and Pacific Ocean merge under the shadow of the arch. You would be capable to see some endearing seals and sea lions as these animals live on the jagged surface of the arch full of rocks. You might even go on tour in a glass bottom boat, which let you glimpse colorful fish species that exist in the water.

 San Jose del Cabo Estuary. This estuary is a tropical haven for birds and is a protected natural site. The estuary is home to approximately 150 species of birds. Some of the birds you see here are pelicans and frigates. Other animals can also be seen here several species of turtles, fish and other marine during your Latin America travel.

 Cacti Mundo. It is an exotic botanical garden has the most amazing variety of cacti and other flora that can not be found anywhere else. Cacti Mundo is home to many endangered species, which were saved from their original. This garden has been able to reproduce effectively and preserve the most important collection of cacti in the country. In fact, it has a display of about 5,000 plants, incredibly beautiful, that all nature lovers should see.

Cabo Pulmo. This is a special place to be able to detect the Sea of Cortez only “hard coral reefs and the existence of the reef, where you can watch over 350 marine species live in harmony. Some animals you could see here are large Stingrays, some colonies of sea lions and whale sharks, among others. It’s a wild place that attracts large numbers of swimmers, divers and travelers because of its great beauty and diversity of wildlife.

Los Cabos is a place full of people happy and friendly. It also presents a host of activities for tourists who want a little excitement. When you are in Mexico, feel free to find accommodation in hotels and resorts Mayan Group. The service in hotels and resorts Mayan Group is unmatched in the country. For a relaxing holiday contact one of the best Latin America tour operators and head to Los Cabos and experience its unique wonders.

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