How to Get Work For Felons – Practical Tips For Felons Looking For Work!

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Honest and profitable work for felons is not as easy to come by because of stiff competition with other job seekers, present difficult economic situation and, of course, social prejudices to people with criminal records. So for anyone looking for work for felons, landing a job might just require more hard work than for regular job seekers.

Here are some practical tips by which a person with felony conviction can easily find a job. Read them closely and learn how to get work for feloo0ns the easiest way possible.

1.) Find Government Job Listings for Felons:
For people who have just been released, following the directions and assistance given by the parole officers would be the best thing to do. Ex detainees who have the skills may ask for job assistance from various governmental agencies and asking for help from your parole officer might just be the best way for you to land a job.

You can also find job listings made specifically for felons. Yearly, many county and state agencies hold job listing programs to help people with criminal records. Depending on the types of jobs, many government offices will directly hire anyone with or without criminal records, as long as they are skilled.

2.) Volunteer to Community Services:
Volunteer community services are not just helpful to build a very good resume. But it also allows you to rub elbows with the people who can help you get a job. By volunteering to jobs, you can get to know the employers personally so when the time comes that you decide to send your resume to file for an application, you can be honest with them and they can deeply consider how you work and how you personally are to them. Your resume will not be that important as they already know who you are.

3.) Say “No” to Questions of Convictions After Seven Years if you are in the States of California, Colorado, Kansas, and other States:
For people with criminal records either of arrest, charges or conviction; States such as CALIFORNIA, COLORADO, KANSAS, MASSACHUSETTS, MARYLAND, MONTANA, NEW HAMPSHIRE, NEW MEXICO, NEW YORK, TEXAS, and WASHINGTON prohibit “a consumer reporting agency” from handing over a consumer report containing information to such arrests, charges or conviction after seven years. Which means, according to some local laws of these States, your criminal record will not be available for any background check 7 years after your release or, if there is no conviction, after the charges or arrest were made.

For States such as GEORGIA and NEVADA, this kind of laws only apply to people who were charged or arrested but were not convicted.

So the best thing to do is find small jobs after your release in prison that can help you build a good resume. Then after 7 years, move to these States and find a better job. Even if the companies you apply for are devoted to background check any person applying for the job, they will never uncover anything as the laws prohibit any agency from handing out your records.

4.) Expunge your Conviction or Get Certificate of Rehabilitation:
You may try to expunge your conviction, or apply for a Certificate of Rehabilitation or get any of the equivalent papers for cleaning out your record if you want to. However, keep in mind that although all convictions can be erased, some types of conviction are harder to make to go away. Federal convictions are often more difficult to expunge that convictions made in local level. Federal convictions require a Pardon or Clemency, or Registrant Crimes which may require continued registration.

Finding a work for felons is difficult. But a person has to do his share in the hard work in order to find a job. Avoid another misdemeanor and follow the tips we provided above. Soon, you’ll find work for felons like you!


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