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Machines have become a part of human life. One cannot think of existence without machines. In this developing era human work is reduced by machines and many other high tech gadgets. Development has also taken place in the field of medicine. There are so many upcoming ways which can be used to diagnose health conditions. Thermology is one such way. Thermology means using infra-red rays to produce an inside image of the body which can help in diagnosing number of diseases. These rays are highly detailed and sensitive. They do not contact with the body and no form of energy is passed into the body while diagnosing through thermology. Thermologist are specialists who use thermology to diagnose and cure patients. Thermology is also referred as medical infrared imaging.

Thermology is usually used for diagnosing breast oncology, chiropractic, dentistry, neurology, orthopedics, occupational medicine, pain management, vascular medicine, cardiology and veterinary medicine. It becomes quite a difficult job to find a good doctor in places such as Delhi. Life is so fast paced that people generally don’t get time to care about themselves or to care about there health. When sometime they meet any ailment or complication in health related issues then only people look out of there busy schedule to find a doctor or say they start finding a good doctor in the eleventh hour which many times becomes next to impossible. But in Delhi region there are numbers of good and specialized thermologist such as thermologists in rohini, thermologists in malviya nagar and thermologists in Green Park. These thermologists are an expert in using infra red technique to cure their patients and clients.

Thermology is the medical science that derives diagnostic indications from highly detailed and sensitive infrared images of the human body. Thermology is sometimes referred to as medical infrared imaging or tele-thermology and utilizes highly resolute and sensitive infrared (thermographic) cameras. Thermology is completely non-contact and involves no form of energy imparted onto or into the body. Thermology has recognized applications in breast oncology, chiropractic, dentistry, neurology, orthopedics, occupational medicine, pain management, vascular medicine/cardiology and veterinary medicine. The professional expert in Thermology and can diagnose and treat with the help of Thermography is known as thermologist. Many thermologist give pain management treatment to their patient with the help of Thermography.


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