The Best Ways to Earn Wows From Your Thank You Card Readers

Do you want to know the best ways to get that WOW reaction from the readers of your color thank you cards? If you do, then you are lucky. This article should be your one stop quick guide on how to improve thank you cards and of course optimize it to earn the best positive reactions from readers. So follow through on these steps and learn from them. Customize them for your own use in your thank you card layout and content to easily earn those WOWs from your readers.

1. Write from the heart – One of the key things to get real genuine “wows” in your personalized cards is for you to write from the heart. DIY color thank you cards should not be template based prints with generic style thank you messages of course. You will get a real WOW and of course earn a positive reaction if you deliver REAL and HEARTFELT thank you messages. So do not use the template content or your DIY thank you cards. Make sure you write your own original style messages that come from the real “YOU” for those people.

2. Spare no expense in the printing materials – Whatever you are printing, be it letterpress thank you cards, special greeting thank you cards, or just simple thank you note cards, you will want to spare no expense when it comes to those printing materials. People will only be impressed with these prints and react with a “WOW” if the materials are in the best quality possible.

If they look cheap, then you will have no hope really of getting the right positive reaction. So invest and spend as much as you possibly can on paper materials and high quality inks. The better these are, the more you can earn that WOW reaction from these custom thank you cards.

3. Use your own original artwork/graphics – It is also important for you to use your own original artwork or graphics if you want your card printing to be special and of course worthy enough to get those “Wows”. This is because the typical clip-arts and web images are just far too common looking.

Using them does not make your thank you card printing special, reducing the chances of your thank you cards actually succeeding in giving the right kind of message of thanks. That is why you must develop and use your own original artistic images and prints so that people will notice and appreciate your thank you cards more.

4. Add something unexpected – People have certain common expectations when it comes to thank you cards. Typically it should have a simple message with some supporting images if possible. Of course this does not get any WOWs from most of the audiences. By adding something new and unexpected in your thank you cards though, it is possible to gain more attention and of course get the correct distinct positive reaction.

So add something new, such as a reflector sticker, metallic inks, holes, studs, embossed elements and many other special additions for your thank you cards. These unexpected features should give you great results for these cards.

5. Add something of value – Lastly, people will say WOW when they see that your thank you cards have more than just that thank you message. Adding special value laden items such as entertaining spots, decorative features and even tips or other benefits such as coupons will of course add to the WOW factor of these kinds of thank you card printing. So if it is possible with the theme of your cards, try to add something of value to these prints.

Now your thank you cards should easily earn the WOW reactions that you want from those special readers. Good luck as you write these special thank you messages. Good Luck!

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