Tips : How To Prevent Acne

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Many ways to prevent acne on your face, clean face will make you look more handsome or beautiful, who would care natural face in a way that is very profitable, if you want to go to treat the face, then you should have a budget to eliminate acne.

Wash your face before sleeping, this asangat effective way to remove dust and dirt stains on your face after you do the activity all day, sleep when you have to face is clean, so germs and dirt lifted and does not cause acne, Wash pillow cases at least once a week since they come in direct contact with our face.  Laying on a pillow case that hasn’t been washed in a long time is no different from laying on an oil cloth.  The pillow case literally acts as a sponge.

Wash That Makeup Off Pronto:  Makeup is a major source of acne problems in females.  Makeup by its design really covers up the skin which can lead to clogged pores if left on too long.  I’m not going to tell anyone not to wear their makeup but I will advise you to wash it off as soon as it is no longer necessary, particularly before going to bed.  Also, the less oil based makeups that you use, the better as these types of makeup are particularly bad for causing acne.

Healthy and nutritious food: acne is also influenced by food, did the consumption of healthy food and full of fiber, so that your face will result in the face of a little oil, so it does not cause acne

Exercise: Exercise can eliminate acne and prevent acne come back again, This would provide a double advantage, but also beautify your face healthy.

Honey Works Great:  A honey mask is a great way to purify the skin and leave it feeling soft and hydrated.  A honey mask is simply making a mask out of honey.  The ancient Egyptians and Romans first used honey to purify the skin and heal wounds thousands of years ago and its healing properties are well confirmed.   Just make sure you’re not allergic to honey before making a mask out of it.


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