Health And Fitness Program: Motivate Yourself With Rewards

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If you reward yourself, you will be ensured of always doing the right thing. 

Every time you achieve what you wanted to achieve, you have to reward yourself. However, you have to keep away from rewarding yourself food since it will make only make things worse. If you are obsessed with food, you will be happy but in case of treating yourself with food, you will be using the worst and unhealthy foods available. This is what will bring in many of the health problems that many people face today. You can do better if you are able to get rid of the fixation you have for food.

Even if you do not use food, you can choose another healthy incentive to give to yourself. You can take a trip, you can take a break from your work and you can just laze around. You can take time to watch DVDs or you can take time to cook for yourself a healthy meal in case you are interested.

But the most important incentive you can get is to look into the mirror. If you see that you have improved in the way you look then you can congratulate yourself. You can keep some of your photos before the program and you can make the comparison. If you can see how well you are getting then you will be motivated to go ahead to the end of the program. You will feel that it is possible to take extra steps towards your achievements.

You can also go shopping to buy clothes that will fit into your new body. If you measure yourself and you can see how you have reduced then you will be happier. You will be much happier if you can reward yourself after achieving what you want. If you can buy the jeans with a smaller waist, you will be getting the practical result of the fitness program you are working for. This will motivate you to keep working. If you achieve better results and you reward yourself for them, you will be able to push towards the end of the health and fitness goals. 


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